Bariatric Eating

Club Bella - 3 bags Cafe Bella, SAVE $22 on Subscription


Join Club Bella and Save $40 over everyday pricing... just choose the best frequency for your three bag delivery. Consistency keeps the weight off and now it saves you money. You order Bella every month, might as well save money and not run out.

Cafe Bella is the best selling coffee protein drink on the planet! A lightly sweetened coffee latte with lovely vanilla and a cinnamon sprinkle - with 20 grams pure protein isolate. Blend with fat free milk for a 30 gram protein treat you'll look forward to drinking. 

Nothing worse than hitting the bottom of the bag when you're super busy at work and keep forgetting to buy more! OUT. OF. BELLA.

We have determined that thousands of our most successful post ops who have kept the weight off or have lost the regain manage life at goal weight with 3 bags a month. Some use more, some less but you may dial into timing that works for you! 

You control the flow - add vitamins to your Club Bella order, skip, pause, or stop at any time 24/7 by logging into your account. Its pretty simple. 

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