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Inspire Dutch Chocolate Cake Protein - 20 servings

Inspire Dutch Chocolate Cake Protein - 20 servings

Inspire Dutch Chocolate Cake Protein - 20 servings

A throwback to the glass of Chocolate Milk you made when you were seven! Simplicity with 20g protein in a 4 ounce drink. Great for pre and post-op gastric bypass patients.
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Inspire Dutch Chocolate Cake melts into a protein drink that tastes like the glass of chocolate milk you make in the kitchen as a kid. We start with pure sweet clean whey protein isolate so the flavor of the real Dutch cocoa shines. You won’t believe this is protein. Inspire is made for the bariatric pouch – a small thin smooth drink you blend in a glass using just a spoon.

Inspire provides 20 grams of super-efficient whey protein isolate per small scoop without fat, sugar, lactose or gluten. Whey protein isolate is the highest grade of protein; tiny protein isolate molecules are more easily taken up by the body than inferior whey protein concentrate or blends.

To Use: Add 1 scoop of powder to an 8 ounce cup of water, milk or almond milk. Stir and enjoy.

1.06 pound bag containing 20 single scoop servings

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