Save $75 on this Post op ‘Best Of’ Kit.

Post-Op 'Best Of' Kit

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If you're getting ready for bariatric surgery, these four items are what you need to start off.

1. Inspire protein drink powder. Choose 2 flavors that sound yummy to you.

2. Inspire Beef Broth - immediately after surgery its very easy to sip this warm delicious protein rich broth that also soothes your new stomach pouch.

3. Journey B12 Jellies - 10 out of 10 surgeons want us to take B12 immediately post op, this is a specialized form that is easy to absorb because the jelly melts to be quickly soaked up by the small intestine.

4. Powerball Protein Shaker - pour in 8 ounces of fat free milk, add a scoop of Inspire protein powder, toss in the ball, screw on the lid, shake, unscrew lid and pour over ice in a glass or toss a few cubes into the shaker.

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