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Inspire Hot Meal Vented Microwave Cup

Inspire Hot Meal Vented Microwave Cup

Inspire Hot Meal Vented Microwave Cup

The Easy Way to turn that Inspire packet into a luscious hot meal in seconds.
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  • Inspire Hot Meal Vented Microwave Cup:

Inspire 'Hot Meal' Vented Microwave Cup

You are running late again and left the house without a plan for lunch. Now that its noon... you can smell the Chinese take out, fast food and pizza from the other offices and its driving you crazy. 

Inspire Hot Meals are an ideal way to stick to meal goals without having to THINK about them - and NOW we have an easy way to turn that packet into a luscious mug of thick soup in seconds. 

  • Measure water into cup
  • Add envelope of Inspire Hot Meal and stir
  • Secure lid with 4 clip closures
  • Microwave per directions
  • Remove from microwave AND WITH LID ON, rest soup for 2 minutes

PRO TIP 1: Cup is large, MEASURE 6 or 8 ounces of water into cup instead of estimating
PRO TIP 2: Keep center vent OPEN or cup and hot contents will EXPLODE

*  color may vary. 
** hand wash or top rack dishwasher safe

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