Inspire Protein Cereal Vanilla Honey Marshmallow 4-Pack

Feel the willpower of protein all morning long. Inspire Go Vanilla Honey Marshmallow protein cereal is a perfect breakfast to start your day. 

A high-protein breakfast featuring Inspire Go Vanilla Honey Marshmallow with a cup of skim milk or unsweetened almond milk contains 20 grams protein that can help you to make better food choices throughout the day. 

We reinvented the comfort food of your childhood, so you can enjoy the same sweet and crunchy cereal you grew up with every morning, but with far fewer carbs, more protein, and no sugar. Now that’s a good start to your day any way you look at it.

Goodness in a crunchy waffle O that is formulated without GMOs, gluten or non-organic ingredients, it’s not too good to be true. It’s what we set out to create from the start - no artificial additives or preservatives, no trans-fats - just good nutrition!

They're BAKED, Gluten Free, Made with NON GMO protein, NOTHING ARTIFICIAL!

A Quad Box contains FOUR MULTI SERVING BAGS - for a total of 16 servings of protein cereal

Due to manufacturing supply chain delays, actual product packaging may differ from product images on our website, however, product ingredients and nutrition facts do not differ.

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