Journey J2 Berry Multivitamins

$35 $39.99

J2 is Journey Two-per-Day... Bariatric Vitamins Re-Imagined! We’ve taken the confusion out of bariatric multi vitamins.

A Two per Day chewable tablet that works smart to fill in gaps in your bariatric diet. J2 doesn’t overwhelm with huge nauseating quantities of vitamins your body simply passes. Two per Day is Easy.

Having your stomach largely removed requires a daily vitamin or two to cover the bases. 

Same natural berry flavoring as Journey 3+3 tabs. Step over to J2! 

This product has been developed for ease of daily compliance. New surgical post ops may wish to add additional Journey B12 Jellies and Journey Gentle Iron Grape melts if their program requires higher amounts until absorption pathways can be been confirmed. Bariatric professionals typically recommend patients have routine labs run once a year. Iron, ferritin, D3 and B12 are of greatest interest and if deficient, cause can be addressed.

60 berry flavored chewable tablets per bottle

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