BE VIP Subscription Benefits

  • Easily swap out items in any subscription order.
  • Add new items to any upcoming order.
  • Risk-free; cancel any time.
What is BE VIP Subscriptions?

Bariatric Eating VIP Subscription is the most convenient way to have the products you use every day delivered to your door. The best part? Never having to worry about running out of supplements you rely on. No reaching for a Coconut Cream Cup for breakfast to find an empty box!

Need to make a change? It’s simple to modify your delivery schedule, item quantity, delivery address or cancel at any time 48 hours prior to the next shipment date by visiting the VIP Subscription section under My Account. Please allow up to 48 hours for any updates or cancellations to process.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Care with any questions about how to set up a VIP Subscription account or find the perfect supplement regimen.

How do I create a VIP Subscription?

Joining VIP Subscriptions is easy! When adding a product to your cart, simply select the Subscribe option and your desired frequency from the drop down menu. We recommend ordering multiple items on a 1 month schedule to hit Free Shipping that automatically applies to orders shipping with a total of $99 or rmore. A common 1 month subscription contains a bottle J1 Multivitamins, Journey Slimming Jellies, a bag of Inspire Coffee Ice Cream and 2 boxes Inspire Protein treats. Choose desired day of arrival, set it and forget it!

You can also select Subscribe after already placing products in your Shopping Cart. Simply click Subscribe button and your desired frequency.

What will happen after I join VIP Subscriptions?

Once you join VIP Subscriptions, you will be sent an email confirmation with a link to the Subscriptions page in your account where you can manage your future orders.

We will send your VIP Subscriptions orders automatically according to your preferences - you will be billed on the day the order is shipped*. We’ll also send you an email reminder 10 days before each VIP Subscription order in case you would like to add products as a one time order to your subscription order. Once the order is placed, you'll get confirmation and shipping emails.

You may also receive email notifications regarding other important information related to your VIP Subscriptions account.

* The amount charged will reflect the pricing of the item on the day the order is processed, plus any applicable sales tax and shipping. Additional promotions and/or discounts will not be applied to existing VIP Subscription orders, and we can not make price adjustments to existing orders.

How do I make changes to my VIP Subscriptions order?

To Change Your Shipment Frequency: sign in to My Account, go to the Subscriptions tab, find your order and select your new frequency.

To Cancel Your Shipment: This must be completed in My Account at least 48-hours in advance of your ship date. Simply sign in to My Account, go to the Subscriptions tab, find your order and click Cancel. You will be prompted to confirm. Your VIP Subscriptions will be cancelled, no future orders placed and you’ll be sent an email confirming your cancellation. Please allow up to 48 hours for any modifications or cancellations to be processed.

If you meant to cancel, but forgot to do so in time, please cancel now as per instructions above, review your confirmation and rest assured that no additional orders will be generated after that date.

How do I make changes to my VIP Subscriptions account information?

To review or modify your VIP Subscriptions information, visit the Subscriptions tab, located within My Account.

To change your shipping address for an order, please visit the Subscription tab, find your shipping address and choose edit.

Can I add items to my next subscription order?

Absolutely! Please log into your account, go to the store pages, find your item and click the ADD TO UPCOMING ORDER button. When you click, you will have the option to add the item as one-time only or as a Subscription.

How do I combine items to be in the same subscription order?

Subscription items that have the same order date, shipping address, billing address and payment method will ship as one order.

If you’ve added additional Subscription items and want to make sure they ship in the same order, simply visit the 'Upcoming Order' tab in the Subscription section of My Account and amend to make the delivery dates match. (Also, please confirm the orders have the same shipping address, billing address and payment method.)

How am I charged for VIP Subscription orders?

We use the credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) on file for each of your deliveries. You can modify your payment options on the Subscriptions tab of My Account. Bariatric Eating reserves the right to cancel your shipment and/or your VIP Subscription if your credit card on file is declined for any reason. PayPal, Afterpay and Apple pay are not available to pay for subscriptions.

What is the difference between the ‘Upcoming Orders' and ‘My VIP Subscriptions Products’ tabs?

The 'Upcoming Orders' tab shows the details for your next scheduled order. An order may contain more than one individual item scheduled for Subscription, if the items have the same order date, shipping address, billing address, and payment information.

What happens if my product is discontinued or delayed?

Should an item contained in an subscription be temporarily out of stock or discontinued at time of shipment, the order will ship without the unavailable item. You will be notified in advance if this occurs. The item will be shipped with future subscription orders once it is back in stock. If the subscription ONLY contains an unavailable product, the subscription will remain active unless you cancel it or replace the item with one that is available.

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