Meet our Mint Tab


Have you noticed the minty insert in your Bariatric Eating bottle? That’s our ScentCerts mint insert: a specially designed, food-grade insert infused with natural peppermint oil to give your vitamins a refreshing scent. Here’s how this innovation made its way into your bottle.

Why We Added the Mint Insert

At BariatricPal, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality vitamins to support your health journey. We understand that taking vitamins can sometimes be an unpleasant experience due to their natural odor. We believe that your daily vitamin routine should be enjoyable and not hindered by any off-putting smells. That's why we introduced the ScentCerts mint inserts, starting with our Bariatric Eating J1 One per Day Bariatric Multi Caplets. This minty addition ensures a pleasant experience every time you take your vitamins, enhancing your overall self-care routine.

Our Testing Process

When we learned that the natural smell of some of our vitamins was a concern for our customers, we immediately began searching for a solution. We explored various options including odor-absorbing packets and different natural scents. After extensive testing, we discovered that a food-grade insert infused with peppermint oil was the perfect solution. This insert is safe, effective, and free from artificial scents and flavors.

We tested numerous scents, including lemon, vanilla, and grapefruit, before finally selecting peppermint for our vitamins. The refreshing peppermint aroma perfectly complements our high-quality vitamins, ensuring a pleasant experience every time.

How to Use Your Mint Insert

Simply leave the ScentCerts mint insert in your bottle throughout the month to keep your capsules smelling fresh. When your bottle is empty, you can reuse the insert in various ways: place it in your sock drawer, refrigerator, or linen closet to keep your items smelling fresh. The best part is that we didn’t have to change anything about our capsules – it’s the same trusted formula you love, now with a fresh minty scent.

Expanding to More Products

We started with our Bariatric Eating J1 One per Day Bariatric Multi Caplets, but we plan on adding ScentCerts mint inserts to all our capsule vitamins. This initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to improving your experience with our products and ensuring that taking your vitamins is a delightful part of your daily routine.

Your Feedback Matters

We couldn’t have achieved this without the valuable feedback from our customers. Your insights are crucial as we strive to continuously improve our products and push the boundaries of our industry. Thank you for helping us make your vitamin experience better.

Experience the refreshing difference with BariatricPal’s Bariatric Eating J1 One per Day Bariatric Multi Caplets, now enhanced with ScentCerts mint inserts. We’re confident that this small change will make a big impact on your daily wellness routine.

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