naturopathic physician

Meet Dr.Myers

Our resident expert who understands the medical ramifications of bariatric surgery and shares real world solutions for post-op life.

Why have we added a physician to the team? 

Bariatric Eating is a company made up of individuals who have had the experience of bariatric surgery. Our team understands first-hand what our customers are going through as they navigate their lives post-surgery.

While we are experienced in the life changing impact of bariatric surgery, we are (or were) patients and not physicians. As good as our advice is, we feel as though you deserve to have additional medical expertise on your side.

Why Dr. Myers?

We spent a lot of time trying to figure out who to add to our team. A bariatric surgeon? A bariatric specialist? A registered dietician? And then we had an epiphany. 

We needed someone who wasn’t from the conventional side of bariatrics, we needed an expert who understood the medical ramifications of our procedures and could offer us real world solutions in the aftermath.

We are proud to introduce Dr. Andrew Myers to our team. Dr. Myers is a naturopathic physician whose expertise is in holistic medicine and therapeutic nutrition.

So how will this help me?

Dr. Myers has spent the last several years studying the implications of bariatric surgery and the essential nutritional needs patients’ have post-procedure.

Dr. Myers is going to help us to help you with nutrition education and updates from the world of bariatric and nutrition research so that we can keep you informed of the latest findings.

Please help us welcome Dr. Myers to the team and be on the lookout for blogs and updates from our newest team member.

The Simple Health Value program

Being healthy does not have to be complicated, expensive or time consuming. It’s as simple as adding five practical lifestyle choices to your daily routine. There is no magic bullet, no miracle cure, and no systematic approach hidden in this message. Simple Health Value shows you exactly how to improve your health in straightforward, fun and actionable ways with immediate benefits.

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Your most valuable liquid asset

Drink More Water

Water is the single more important dietary nutrient you take into your body. It lubricates your joints, aids your digestion, promotes healthy circulation, clears away harmful toxins, and regulates your temperature.

These benefits are just scratching the surface of what drinking water will do for you body.

Dieting in reverse

Eat Fresh

Our bodies are designed to derive our nutrition from fresh foods. It's as simple as that. There is much more to the food experience though, and exploring our relationship to the foods we eat is illuminating.

Fortunately, you can easily shift your relationship with food. With just a few simple additions here and there, you can zing with the energy.

Movement is the ancestor of exercise

Move Your Body

The function of our bodies depends on movement. Movement promotes the health and function of every cell through enhanced circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrition. Take the stairs. Walk to the store. Move your body as much as you can each day!

The automatic recharge

Sleep and Reset

The fact is, needing sleep is almost seen as a sign of weakness in our society. Sleep deprivation is a badge of honor in progressions from medicine to computer programming.

But here's the truth: if you exist on stolen naps at your desk, or gallons of coffee and a prayer, you may be seriously harming your health and taking years off your life.

Stress is the disease, oxygen is the cure

Breathe Deeply Every Day

How do you know you're breathing deeply? On a daily basis, most of us breathe shallowly, using only a small percentage of our lung capacity and getting just the part of the oxygen our bodies require. It's kind of like holding your breath all day long.

If you lead a busy, demanding life, you may spend a lot of time breathing shallowly while you're not under stress. That creates a habit – so even when you're not under stress, you may still breathe like you are.

Breathing is about training your mind to think in a different way, making purposeful optimal breathing a daily habit.