The Best Tasting Protein? It's Inspire!

We're the Original and the Best! For years, Bariatric Eating has been formulating lip smacking flavors for your post op palate. Our products are GMP quality that meet or surpass supplement guidelines of the ASMBS and top bariatric centres. We don’t repurpose cheap body builder protein and 1990's diet doctor food and tell you it's special. We develop our own products - that's why we are number one.

We’ve had bariatric surgery and rely on Inspire & Journey to maintain our weight loss, have healthy hair & teeth and feel great!

Our Story

Introducing Our Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Andrew Myers

Dr. Myers understands the medical ramifications of bariatric surgery and shares real world solutions for post-op life. While the BE Team personally know all about the life changing impact of bariatric surgery, we are (or were) patients and not physicians. As good as our advice is, we feel as though you deserve to have additional medical expertise on your side.

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Bariatric Designed

Your Multi-Vitamin-Angel!

No more confusion around what vitamins you need – just a simple One Per Day caplet that works smart to fill in gaps in your bariatric diet.

J1 doesn’t overwhelm with huge nauseating quantities of vitamins your body simply passes. One per Day is easy, bioavailable and affordable.

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The Bundle You Need!

Essential Vitamins

Protein Made for Bariatrics

The Best Tasting Protein

It's the protein you've been dreaming of and the best there is for pre and post-op gastric bypass patients. With 20 grams of super-efficient whey protein isolate, no fat, sugar, lactose or gluten – Inspire is the not only the perfect protein boost for your diet, but it's easy to mix with a smooth texture.

Choose from over 15 delicious flavors (plus, keep an eye out for our Limited Edition flavors too!).

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Kick Cravings. Curb Hunger.

The Magic Pill

With choline and cola nut to increase metabolism and speed up weight loss, Slimming Jellies are the perfect boost to the Inspire Diet plans.

Concordix® patented delivery system allows for maximum absorption, even by the altered bariatric digestive tract – plus, the yummy Sour Apple flavor will keep that sweet tooth satisfied.

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Delicious & Family Friendly

Bariatric Friendly Recipes

Roast Pork with Apples

Roast Pork with Apples

Roast pork is one of our family favorites. When my Daddy would come to our house every Sunday for dinner, if I didnt have a pot of sauce and meatba...

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Apple Filled Dessert Crepes

Apple Filled Dessert Crepes

Crepes are fantastic for sweet fillings - roll them with sauteed apple compote and they for a wonderful low calorie dessert. The sautéed apples are...

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Thanksgiving Meal for Two

Thanksgiving Meal for Two

I have built a wonderful small meal for just Ty and I that doesn’t produce days of leftovers by choosing dishes that are easy to make in small amou...

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