Journey Hair Balance Capsules

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Journey Hair Balance is the first and only product that addresses heartbreaking hair loss post-bariatric surgery.

A nutrient boost for hair, skin, and nails that contains a proprietary formula of vitamins and botanically derived components that work together to optimize healthy growth.

"I had significant hair loss after my bariatric surgery and it never grew back. After suffering with thin hair for years, I began taking Hair Balance. My hair has grown back and is lovely again. Thank you for this wonderful product." - Polly Saunders
"I am 12 years out and have tried every bariatric vitamin and protein shake on the market and the way Journey 3+3's & Inspire make me feel and the way Hair Balance has made my hair grow, I wouldn't care if I had to drive to Timbuktu to get them myself." - Nikki Quinn

Hair Balance caps combine the power of MSM - a natural ingredient that works to lengthen and increase natural hair growth patterns - with Zinc, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, and Horsetail Silica to provide a potent nutritional boost that supports not only faster-growing hair but stronger nails and softer skin.

"When we first have bariatric surgery the excitement of weight loss turns to horror when our hair starts falling out by the handful! Surgical stress coupled with malnutrition interrupts the hair cycle - the body adjusts by sending essential protein and nutrients elsewhere. While the large initial fall out cannot be prevented, we can influence how fast our hair grows back by having important nutrients covered. Telling someone to get a short haircut or that no one will notice is insulting! I knew there had to be help and we developed this product to help bariatric patients. I know how you feel - I had terrible hair loss for nearly two years! This product is amazing."
  • Hair Balance Nutrient Boost for Hair Skin & Nails Bariatric Formula
  • Biotin & B Vitamin Super Cocktail
  • Supports Faster Growth & Reduced Hair Shedding
  • Noticeably increases the growth of Nails; in as little as 7 to 10 days
  • Albion® specialized minerals ensure that the body effectively absorbs them
  • Contains Zinc for growth, Biotin for strength & shine, & MSM for collagen & keratin

The normal hair cycle produces growth of about six inches a year for two to six years. A healthy hair follicle produces strong, thick, colored hair. About ninety percent of the hairs in a normal scalp are in this stage at any given time. After a ninety-day resting cycle, new hair replaces the old ones which have been shed. In those suffering from hair loss, a change in growth phase is thought to occur; as cycles become shorter and resting cycles become more frequent.

Eventually, almost all of us will experience hair loss in our lifetime when the balance in the growth cycle is interrupted by stress or deficiency. It is thought that extended periods of high stress can cause or contribute to hair loss, as stress may increase a constriction of the blood supply to the scalp. After surgery, some individuals may experience either temporary or long-term hair loss. Poor diet and nutrition also contribute to hair loss.

These potent supplements are made exclusively with Albion® minerals and have received Albion's Gold Medallion®, which recognizes products for nutritional excellence. Hair Balance contains elements that work together to decrease hair loss and optimize healthy regrowth. To further enhance growth, ensure your diet has an abundant source of protein.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, adults take 2 capsules, twice daily, preferably with food or as recommended by a health professional.

120 Capsules in a bottle

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