My hair is falling out in handfuls, what can I do besides cry?

I am 7 months post op and my beautiful long hair is falling out in handfuls. I find it all over the floors of my house and I can see my scalp. I want to cry. Is there anything that I can do?


I am going to have bariatric surgery on Friday, what can I take to prevent hair loss?

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent your hair from falling out - our Journey vitamins and even Hair Balance will not stop that from happening. That initial shed is due to the shock of surgery and anesthesia. After that you will skip a full growth cycle - that will involve about 1/3 of your hair follicles and then those follicles should begin to have small sprouts and come back. How much you lose is a matter of when your surgery hits in the next growth cycle phase.

However, if your hair has not started to grow back in a few weeks after that initial post-surgical shed, there is very strong likelihood that you are vitamin and or protein deficient. The body considers hair to be non-essential and will suppress its growth until your nutrient position improves.

This is your sign to get your house in order!

Painting the front door does no good when it needs replacing - so forget the expensive shampoos and taking only biotin, dig deep to find where you are lacking and make targeted changes. Biotin does nothing if you are low in iron, B12 and D too! It is impossible for shampoos to do anything below your scalp.

Start with an honest assessment of your overall food, protein and vitamin tablet intake by keeping a food journal for a week. Then you will know where you stand, in order to make any needed changes. Understand that it's not the vitamins you take but what you absorb. Most who have long term hair loss are NOT taking good bariatric vitamins and they are not supplementing with shakes to make up for protein they are unable to eat.

Imagine what is happening on the inside if your body has shut down hair growth. Take good vitamins and drink protein to make up for what you are unable to eat.

June 28, 2023
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