How to Lose 8 Pounds Fast

We get it. Sometimes we wake up and realize that things are absolutely out of control. One day you’re only 5 pounds up, but then you blink your eyes and your pants won’t slip over your hips, forget zipping that zipper.

We see it often in our support groups from people who know they haven’t ruined their pouch or sleeve with massive portions so they don’t need a 48 Hour Pouch Reset to check their surgical tool. But they are honest with themselves and recognize that the food on their plate was not what they should be eating.

We know from first hand experience that getting started after Regain is overwhelming. Regain of any amount is a crushing blow. Why? Because for a year or so the weight melted off so rapidly you didn’t realize it wasn’t you, it was the surgery calling the shots. This is referred to as the “Honeymoon” period. So it totally adds up that after becoming a Social Media Selfie Queen and buying all those cute clothes in the not plus sized stores it’s almost scary how sad it makes you feel.

So let’s start with just 8 pounds. Think of how revitalized you’d feel if you could drop 8 pounds fast. Those 8 pounds will restore your faith in yourself. Once you realize that you CAN buckle down and lose the weight, you will push for more. You will actually use that Inspire Diet Box you bought last month. You will actually stop giving into the cravings for “crunch". Or worry about your “need to chew” and just follow the Inspire Diet plan long enough to lose all of your Regain because you know you can.

So buckle up…here’s how to drop 8 pounds FAST.

Step 1: Grab TWO bags of Inspire Protein, in any flavor you like and would enjoy. Never tried Inspire? Get Peanut Butter Cookie and Vanilla Bean. Love coffee? Get Cafe Bella and Caffe Amore. Want fruity? Strawberry White Chocolate and Pineapple Vanilla will be your new best friends.

Step 2: Buy some Skim Milk. Inspire was created to be indulgent in Skim Milk and that’s where the real flavors shine, so if you want to really enjoy your shakes, use Skim Milk. If you have concerns about the lactose, you can use a Lactose Free brand like Fairlife... or use water. 

Fast8 Diet Plan Cheatsheet

Common Questions:

Can I swap sugar free jello for yogurt or sugar free pudding? No. We’re not trying to starve you but it's important to realize that a serving of yogurt or pudding is 100 calories. Sugar free Jello is almost calorie free. Fewer calories mean faster weight loss. No snacks other than sugar free Jello. Be Happy... its delicious! 

Can I stir my Inspire into Yogurt? Yes, since a 5 ounce container of plain nonfat yogurt is about the same calories as a cup of milk, this is a smart swap that works. 

Can I mix fruit into my Inspire drink? No, you may not. The purpose of Fast 8 is to keep things simple and fast, even how long it takes you to make your shakes and meals. This is so you don’t have time to Fatbrain an extra 200 calories into a meal. Fast and simple meals means you don't have to wait long to eat again. You will be able to stick with it, if your meal prep isn't complicated. Making a shake should take 1 minute. You can do this without extras or a blender! Use Inspire... it is tasty without add ins. 

I’ve lowered my calories so much with this program, can I add sugar free whipped cream and sugar free chocolate syrup to my shakes? No, you may not. No one who is on a diet has any business having either of those things in their fridge. If you've ever thought of adding either of these to your protein shake please recognize that this is why you are not at goal or have a regain.

What can I have as a snack? Inspire or sugar free jello. Let’s be crystal clear here. Snacking is likely what got you in this mess to begin with. Snacks are a fantastic way to trick ourselves into thinking we don’t eat a lot, but in reality we’re eating small portions all day long. If you want to lose weight, drop the snacks. 

Can I swap an Inspire Drink for an Inspire soup or Inspire bar? No. That is not the Fast 8 Plan.  If you want to eat soups and bars please order the Inspire Diet Box and follow the 14 day Inspire Diet instead. There's no wrong way to lose your regain, you just need to pick a plan and stick with it.

Won’t I be hungry? Yes. You will feel hunger. Hunger is not a bad sensation. It’s OK to be hungry, you won’t die. 

Will the shakes fill me up? Inspire will keep you satisfied. It’s like the difference between when you eat a sandwich and Thanksgiving dinner. BOTH satisfy hunger. Only one leaves you so full you have to lay down. You have to stop thinking you need to be FULL and start focusing on eating until you are SATISFIED.

We talk about this at length in our Podcast Episode 17 so please go listen to that as soon as possible. It will help decode WHEN to eat and WHEN to stop eating. And if you follow those instructions you will lose weight and learn how to keep it off.

Can I have coffee or tea while following Fast 8? Yes. However, please be careful and measure anything you add to it. You will still need to drink at least 8 cups of plain water each day. Remember to only use zero calorie sweeteners. Things like Half & Half, Coffee Mate and other fun creamers will add a lot of calories fast if you are drinking multiple cups of coffee or tea throughout the day which will slow or prevent weight loss.  Read our helpful article "Just a Splash of Cream?" as it will help you! 

My weight gain is from steroids/bad thyroid/no exercise/PCOS, will this work for me? Yes. Because while those things make weight loss hard, ultimately our weight has a much more solid and well defined connection to what happens in the kitchen. Regains are made in the kitchen. NOT because you had to go on steroids, or because your gym shutdown thanks to COVID.

What happens when I lose those 8 pounds? You are done losing weight if that’s all you wanted to lose. Now retrain yourself so you don’t have to repeat this. Our best advice is to start following the Inspire Diet so that you can learn how to create more elaborate yet still reasonable meals without working in carbs or getting back on that snack wagon. After a few cycles of the Inspire Diet you will have picked up some new habits and better understand how to keep the weight off. 

If you have more than 8 pounds to lose, begin following the Inspire Diet to keep the momentum going. Remember it’s critical you don’t go crazy with food. Keep it simple. Keep your meals basic. Protein + 1 vegetable is a complete meal. You do not need a side of cottage cheese with that. You do not need to top everything with cheese. You do not need to blend in a half a banana in your shake. You don’t need to load up on sugar free desserts either. Work hard and the weight will come off. THEN keep working smart and the weight will stay off.

Enough is enough. You've got a Regain, no matter if it's "only" 10 pounds or if it's way more. You can a choice to make right now. You can either be heavier when next month arrives OR you can be 8 pounds lighter. It's up to you. Your choice. You can do this. We are here to help!  

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