If you had surgery a few years ago and are not where you’d like to be with your weight, here is where to begin.

First of all, Keto is too high in fat and not for bariatric people, so get that out of your head. Cheese and heavy cream and cream cheese is not a good long term plan just like the similar bacon eggs and cheese a la Dr. Atkins Diet of 1980’s was not a good long term plan either.

Resolve that you simply CANNOT eat the same way you did before surgery and how you started eating AGAIN, after your surgery. RECOGNIZE WHERE EATING WHAT YOU WANTED GOT YOU... AGAIN. That is your biggest hurdle... your brain.

Next, get a big black trash bag and toss all the bread, cake, cookies, chips, tortillas, donuts, frozen lasagna, rice, pasta, soda, ice cream, cheese... it all goes. Purge your home of all the crap foods that took away the joy of all that weight you lost.

Next, you will need protein drinks or you WILL NOT be able to handle all of this. Your meal plan is THREE MEALS a day with a shake between breakfast and lunch and a shake between lunch and supper. Those two times are the danger zones where people tend to hit the donuts in the break room or the vending machine or run out for a Starbucks Latte with Whip. So order a couple of bags of Inspire protein drinks, Inspire Hot Meals for lunches, plus some Inspire cereal and some Inspire protein bars.

You have to cut out the SNACKING and get back to THREE MEALS. All protein with a vegetable. Breakfast can be eggs and fruit, lunch can be Inspire Chili, supper can be slices of steak on top of a big salad.

NOTE: I do not make each person their own steak or chicken breast. I instead cook and then slice so each plate gets a few slices. This is plenty and if anyone wants more its on the serving plate in the middle of the table.

IF in the evenings, you cant make it after supper without something, you can make sugar free Jello. The old fashioned kind you make with the powder in a bowl with hot water, NOT the nasty rubber pucks in the plastic containers.

NOTHING ELSE. You are trying to STOP yourself from grazing all day long. Which is what you have done to gain back all that weight you lost. We are going to get you back to THREE PROTEIN CENTERED MEALS A DAY. Then once you are back to that, you are golden.

Your pouch still works, you are simply eating around it by grazing. Any questions???

June 28, 2023
Bariatric Recipes Advice, Rants & Support Podcast: Real Talk