There is a an important point that is often overlooked when it comes to your post op success. YOU MUST LEARN TO FEED YOURSELF.

One would not think this would be difficult, but it is. Our surgeons and nutritionists cannot begin to relate to the volumes of food and concentrated calories we took in to qualify for bariatric surgery so they do not think to address this. The few who DO realize there is an issue, believe that stomach removal is scary enough to facilitate CHANGE. That without saying, it draws an indelible line in the sand. For so many, it does not.

Oh, I Dont Cook

If you *don't cook* that notion has to end. After bariatric surgery you cannot rely on fast food, convenience store food, frozen food and take out. These foods are the reason people need bariatric surgery. You can't eat those same foods after having a radical surgery that removes 85% of your stomach.

First, Cut the Cheese

The plated meals we see in our Support Group are sometimes flat out bizarre. We see protein added to protein and served with a side of more protein. (Yep, we know why you are constipated). The other day a member meal had chicken wrapped with bacon with cottage cheese and a cheese stick on the side. Some even add 'a sprinkle of cheese' on top of all that! On the flip side, someone posted a photo of the Caesar Salad she picked up from a restaurant - but it was just a dish of dry romaine lettuce with 2 ounces of dry chicken in foil.

Protein and Vegetables. Protein and Vegetables. Protein and Vegetables...

We have all eaten in a nice restaurant before, one without a feeding trough and an all you can eat extravaganza that includes pudding. Try to construct your plate like they do in a restaurant that serves plated food.

Here is how its done in a restaurant - PROTEIN AND VEGETABLE with a sauce to moisten. Even McDonalds served you a burger (protein) and fries (vegetable) with ketchup (a sauce).

  • 4 ounce portion of protein
  • a larger pile of vegetable to the side
  • OPTIONAL is a sauce or salsa to moisten your protein

YOUR ASSIGNMENT - Make The Easiest Bariatric Meal.

Make this meal this weekend. You can do it and you will be SO PROUD of yourself. Make this for your entire family.

  1. Buy a Walmart Chicken. DON'T chill it (chilling it turns it into leftovers). When its supper time, pull the entire breast from the bird with your fingers, then cut it crosswise with a sharp knife into slices.
  2. While you're at WalMart pick up a bag of frozen green beans. When you are ready to eat at home, follow the directions and cook them. 
  3. Cut up some of the gorgeous ripe tomatoes they also have at Walmart. I cant help myself so I also sliced some paper thin red onion.
  4. Drizzle the whole shebang with some Newmans Own Light Balsamic dressing - also conveniently sold at Walmart.


Enjoy this crazy delicious meal. It is balanced, its healthy, its easy, its wonderful, ITS A PROPER MEAL. You don't need FIVE SIDE DISHES... this is NOT Thanksgiving. One protein One vegetable. Boom.

China not optional

ONE MORE THING - PLEASE STOP WITH THE PAPER PLATES. You are a worthy human being. Get a dish from the cupboard, set your place at the table with a napkin fork and knife. Eat as if you are Special. Treat meal time as an occasion and you will feel more worthy of the good things in this world. You have to be open to ACCEPT good things and it begins with how you treat yourself. Fact.

Report back to us in the BE Support Group on Facebook and let us know what you think.

June 28, 2023
Bariatric Recipes Advice, Rants & Support Podcast: Real Talk