The stomach is a remarkably adaptable organ, that is capable of adapting to its environmental stressors. When you go a while without eating your stomach will shrink; try to eat a large meal with a shrunken stomach and you will feel full prematurely, only to be hungry again soon after the feeling of “fullness” passes.

Similarly, the stomach can be conditioned to accept larger and larger amounts of food. Some people who engage in eating competitions will stretch their stomachs out the day before a competition by eating low calorie, water-dense foods like grapes. This will leave them with a stretched and thus prepared stomach, only to be hungry the day or two after.

What does all of this have to do with bariatric surgery? Well, a lot of weight loss surgeries involve altering the shape or size of the stomach, or pouch. When your stomach is altered by surgery, it is much smaller, and therefore not as capable of handling the same volume of food that it could only a short time beforehand.

The problem is that your pouch, though smaller in the wake of bariatric surgery, is still anatomically your stomach, although smaller. It is made of the same tissue and works in the exact same way. While it’s tempting to think that your stomach may have permanently stretched, what you’ve actually been doing is training it to allow for larger portions over a long period of time resulting in weight regain.

In the event that you are feeling less full after eating the portions to which you have become accustomed, or you have experienced weight gain in the months and years after bariatric surgery, you might be concerned that you have stretched your pouch. This concern is one of the things that can lead to regain and part of how people feel so hopeless and unsure of themselves once they’ve had a regain.

It can be concerning, but even if you are afraid that you might have stretched your pouch, the likelihood is that you will be able to reset it and everything will be just fine. Sometimes all you need is just a little confidence boost that your surgery worked properly and that you still have the means to success.

If you’re worried that you may have stretched your pouch because you are feeling less and less full, or because you have experienced undue weight regain, try out a solution like a 48 hour pouch reset. With a reset plan like our 48 hour pouch reset, you will see that you still have all of the tools at your disposal to continue on your weight loss journey.

What is the Purpose of our 48 Hour Pouch Reset?

If you’re wrangling around with the term “pouch reset” then there is a good, albeit unfortunate, chance that you have experienced complications in the wake of bariatric surgery, namely those affecting the size of your pouch.

The basis behind a reset diet is to significantly reduce the amount of food and liquids you eat and drink so that your stomach and mind will become accustomed to bariatric portion sizes again. Some reset plans will be very similar to the post-op diet that you followed under the advice and guidance of your bariatric surgeon.

However, there is a more effective option you can follow before entering into a more formally devised reset plan. When you’re simply concerned about whether or not you have stretched your pouch and you just want to make sure everything is fine, then our 48 hour pouch reset may be for you.

The basic premise behind our 48 Hour Pouch Reset is to show you that everything is still working properly and that your pouch really still is the right size. In other words, all it would take is a quick shift to your routine to show you that you’re still in control and can continue to lose weight, even if you have experienced a little bit of regain recently.

How the 48 Hour Pouch Reset Works

The basic idea behind the 48 Hour Pouch Reset is to re-inspire confidence that your weight loss surgery is still intact, that your pouch is still the proper size, and that you can continue along your way with the Inspire Diet and lose your regain for good.

We came up with a specially designed plan whereby you follow a few simple steps over the course of two days that will show you that your pouch is in working order and everything is fine. Most importantly, it will show you that you still have the reins and are in control of the situation.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell. There are two phases to our 48 Pouch Reset Plan. During the first phase, you will take Inspire Protein drinks in order to flush out the bad sugars and carbs from your system, and in the second phase, which is only during a few hours of the second day, you will be able to eat some shredded chicken as a test that demonstrates the amount you can eat. In short, the final stage of the 48 Hour Pouch Reset will prove to you that your pouch is still the proper size, and that you are in control of your portions once again.

Let’s break things down to a more understandable level. During the first 36 hours of this plan, you can drink as many of your favorite Inspire Protein drinks as you want throughout the course of the day. There are a couple of reasons you will need to do this. For one thing, it will help to flush out some of the bad sugars and carbs that you may have eaten recently and are resulting in regain.

In addition, drinking nothing but liquids will reconnect your brain with your pouch so you can have confidence in your pouch again. Finally, the fact that you can take as many as you like will help keep you satisfied throughout the day. Mix and match your favorite protein drinks and have as many as you desire. Whether you get hungry in the mid-morning or late afternoon, take as many as you please.

At the end of the second day, you will be required to eat a meal of chicken breast. Our 48 Hour Pouch Reset Box contains a Bariatric Portion Cup. You will fill this to the one-cup line with shredded chicken breast, either home-cooked or rotisserie chicken.

Eat slowly and carefully, without distractions and chew deliberately, and you will find that you will likely be unable to finish all of the chicken in the cup. At this point, you will have completed the 48 Pouch Reset Diet and will see that everything is still as it should be. After successfully completing the 48 Hour Pouch Reset, you can celebrate that your pouch once again provides you with the feeling of fullness and satisfaction on a Bariatric portion and you now can move on with confidence to the Inspire Diet to lose your regain.

Plenty of Delicious Choices

One of the best things about our 48 Pouch Reset plan is that you get to take as many of your favorite Inspire Protein drinks as you like during the first part of the reset, and you can choose your favorite flavors, which, luckily, are delicious and satisfying.

See the link above where you can choose your bundle before you begin the plan. There you can pick out your favorite assortment of Inspire Proteins, whether you have a penchant for Pumpkin Pie Spice, Banana Nut Bread, or Orange Cream. Whatever your favorite is, you can have as much of it as you like.

Unlike so many other protein powders, including some with which you might be unfortunately familiar, the Inspire Protein powders on our website are delicious, creamy and some of them are even made with the finest real ingredients. In fact, our Pumpkin Pie Protein powder is one of these and made with real pumpkin - not just artificial flavors.

In addition, our protein powders mix up easily with little hassle in either milk or water, with nothing more than a spoon. You won’t need any fancy mixing equipment or skills to make a delicious drink out of them, and some of them even come with added bonuses like our Albion Calci-KⓇ Calcium Potassium Phosphate Citrate. This adds some calcium back into your diet and is perfect for those with no-acid stipulations.

Best of all and most importantly, our protein powders are delicious and smooth, with no bad aftertaste or undue gritty texture. Plenty of bariatric patients have had to deal with flavorless bariatric foods with terrible textures for far too long, and luckily now you’ll get a break from that.

Flavor and satisfaction are part and parcel of our Bariatric Eating plan, even as a part of our 48 Hour Pouch Reset. Check out the link above to see more about how to set up the contents of your Pouch Reset box, and take a look at the following link to learn more about the 48 Hour Pouch Reset Plan itself.

It’s a great way to reignite confidence in your abilities, but just in case you were interested, here are some ways you can be careful in the future in order to prevent needing any sort of pouch reset. For the most part, you can avoid stretching your pouch by adhering to the advice of your surgeon, but here are some top points.

Steps You Can Take to Avoid Stretching Your Pouch


Since you’ll ideally want to avoid a reset plan if you can, here are some of the things you can do to keep your pouch at its post-op size to help prevent any complications.

  • Follow your post-op diet precisely: this is the most sure-fire way to prevent an issue that will cause your pouch to grow and require a reset plan.
  • Eat slowly: make sure you are not eating too fast because that can cause you to miss your pouches signals that you are satisfied and have eaten enough.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes after eating a meal to drink any liquid. Drinking with or immediately after a meal will cause your food to wash out of your pouch and prevent you from feeling full. Overeating is the key reason for regain and must be avoided.
  • Stay away from foods your doctor has advised you to avoid: follow this advice, period. If a food is on your doctor’s list of foods you can’t eat, don’t eat it, no matter how small the portion size.
  • Do not eat anything extra that is not a part of your meal plan: you still can’t eat more food, even if you are hungry and the food is a part of your diet. Eating extra will cause you to consume too many calories and become accustomed to larger portion sizes. More calories and bigger portions are what leads to needing to complete a Pouch Reset like the 48 Hour Pouch Reset.
  • Do not eat a meal before you are supposed to do so: timing is important with a bariatric post-op diet. Don’t eat your meals before you’re scheduled to have them, or after for that matter. Remember, following the post-op diet precisely is the key to success.

Learning is Life

This is all a lot to absorb, even when you are diligent about doing your own reading, and it won’t hurt to reach out to us to learn a little bit more about some of our products and how and why we formulated them. We care deeply about the customer experience and we know that understanding is half of the battle.

On that note, your weight loss journey is going to become a big part of your life if you haven’t already begun it. What you need to know is that you aren’t alone and that there are people out there that can help you. Make sure you keep in close touch with your surgeon when you need help or advice, and free yourself from the boredom of classical, flavorless bariatric foods.

Treat yourself to some of our bariatric snacks and meals, and don’t miss a chance to check out our bariatric recipes which will reinforce flavor into your life.

October 21, 2023
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