You’re probably here because you have at some point, perhaps recently, undergone bariatric surgery. You might be here because someone in your life has undergone weight loss surgery. Whatever the case, at some point after these types of surgeries the patient will have to accept meal replacements in some form or another.

For example, near the beginning of a bariatric post-op diet, patients are required to follow a dietary regimen that includes many small servings of liquid per day. At a certain point, the patient will need to take meal replacements in the form of a liquid fortified with protein and other nutrients - the shake.

However, the unfortunate fact remains that many bariatric shakes are simply unpleasant, and for more than one reason at that. More unfortunately, they are a necessary part of recovery from the procedure. Bariatric patients need to keep their protein intake up, and if not they can suffer complications or malnourishment.

As a result, each year, bariatric patients have to tolerate gritty, flavorless protein shakes that are a pain to mix and more of a pain to drink. However, today all of that changes because if you’re looking for better bariatric shakes, you’re in the right place.

Better Ingredients

It all starts with better ingredients, because when the problem is one of flavor you can be all but certain that some of it has to do with what goes into its creation.

Many of our bariatric protein shakes are made with real ingredients, which makes them more enjoyable, and as you can guess, more flavorful as well. For example, our Pumpkin Pie Protein, Vanilla Bean Protein, and others are all made with natural ingredients that are a healthier alternative to artificial ingredients and provide better, better flavor.

Easier (Better) to Mix

Another huge problem with a lot of protein powders out there is that they are a pain to mix up and don’t do so easily - but we’ll get to part of that in the next section.

What you need to know before shopping with us is that our protein powders mix up like a dream with nothing more than a spoon and a glass or water or milk. You don’t need any fancy mixers and you don’t need to mess with the temperature of the liquid or do any fancy prep work.

Time for a meal replacement? Mix your powder into some water (or milk, if allowed by your surgeon) and enjoy!

Better Consistency

As if it weren’t enough of a pain that many other protein powders don’t mix easily, most of them also mix like concrete. That is, even when finished and ready to drink they have the consistency of slop.

From our experience, no one wants to drink a cup of cold concrete with sand and gravel mixed in. That’s just the opposite of a positive culinary experience.

If you want to experience a creamy, frothy, delectable protein drink with a soft, smooth texture and unbeatable consistency - no pea gravel or twigs mixed in! - then you just need to try some of our protein powders. The consistency alone will delight you!

Better Flavor

Consistency is far from the only thing to look out for, as much as its presence or absence can make or break a quality protein powder. Something else, which is perhaps the defining attribute of protein powder, is the flavor that it offers you.

Too often, bariatric patients are forced to turn their backs on flavor and pretend that they never enjoyed it before. With our protein powders - not to mention with our many other bariatric snacks, meals, and recipes - you’ll never have to do that again.

Our protein powders are made specifically to our requirements to ensure that they are not only properly formulated but also smooth, creamy, and most importantly, downright delicious. They are extensively tested before we sell them because we want to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that our protein drinks will satisfy.

Don’t believe us? Just check the link above where you can see some of our unique protein powder blends. Look up one that interests you and see what customers are saying, right on the product page.

Just Better!

As if better flavor and quality weren’t enough to define high quality in a protein powder, there’s more that makes our bariatric shakes worth a look. For example, they are made with pure, sweet, clean whey protein isolate to ensure that nothing conflicts with the flavors that we want to promote.

In addition, many of our protein drinks are formulated with Albion Calci-K Calcium Potassium Phosphate Citrate, which is ideal for “no-acid” diets, as well as for keeping your calcium levels up.

Features like these simply make our protein powders for shakes better than the rest, but if you want to learn more about how we make them or what difference it makes, contact us today!

January 04, 2024
Bariatric Recipes Advice, Rants & Support Podcast: Real Talk