Whether you’re a bariatric patient or just someone else looking for a way to boost your protein intake, you’re not going to be disappointed in what you can find from Bariatric Eating in the way of whey protein drinks.

Don’t let that plain name fool you. Elsewhere whey protein shakes are not regarded as hallmarks of innovation and flavoring, but we’re cut from a different cloth here at Bariatric Eating. We’ve heard tales of bariatric patients being forced to stomach less-than-enjoyable foods and supplements for far too long, and we’ve done something about it.

We changed everything about whey protein shakes, from their flavor to their texture, all the while ensuring that they are formulated to meet the needs of bariatric patients, which means extra protein and in some cases, additional nutrients like calcium.

Here’s a quick look at what makes our whey protein drinks better.

  1. Original, satisfying flavors!

Flavor is front and center here at Bariatric Eating because flavor satisfies. That’s a huge gripe with bariatric shakes and foods, and we set out to fix it right.

Our bariatric shakes are available in a wide range of delectable flavors like Snickerdoodle, Coffee Ice Cream, Buttermint, Pumpkin Pie, Tropical Coconut, and many others.

Our whey proteins don’t just come with snazzy names, though. Our flavors are tested and proven, and we mean it when we say we’re big on flavor. In fact, one of our biggest premises has been to free bariatric patients from flavorless, gritty protein drinks, and our protein shakes are nothing like the ones you might be used to - just try them to see for yourself!

  1. Real ingredients!

While we place a very serious emphasis on the nutritional profiles of our bariatric shakes, foods, and other supplements and products, we care just as much about the flavor and experience of the entire package.

Therefore, we add in real ingredients and flavors where we can without needing to rely on artificials. You’re going to be saluted by dazzling flavors no matter what protein shake you choose to take, but some of them are made with real ingredients for even more powerful flavors.

Take, for example, our Pumpkin Pie protein powder listed above - check out the product listing and you’ll see that it’s created with real pumpkin!

  1. A unique blend that lets the flavor shine right through!

Our whey protein drinks are actually made with a special formula that allows the flavors we include with them to take center stage, so there are no off-flavors or weird aftertastes. We know better than most that bariatric patients have had enough of that, to say the least.

Our whey protein drinks are made with a sweet, clean whey protein isolate that does not interfere with the other flavors we add. For you, that means there is nothing but original, delectable flavors with no unwanted intrusions. No off aftertastes, no weird hints that you can’t quite place your finger on, nothing but the real, original flavors promised!

  1. They’re easy to mix up!

Another thing that’s great about our whey protein shakes is how easy they are to mix up. Some bariatric shakes out there are a bear to mix up and even when “mixed” are thick, inconsistent, gritty, doughy, or worse.

Even those that don’t have terrible flavors can be ruined by an off texture, which is one of the reasons that we’ve made sure to formulate ours in such a fashion that they are easy to mix up. All it takes is the right amount of water or milk and a spoon - no fancy mixing equipment or special skills required!

  1. No more terrible, gritty textures!

As stated above, an off texture can ruin an otherwise enjoyable culinary experience, even without the presence of less-than-pleasant flavors. That’s why we made sure that our shakes were not only easy to mix up but that they mixed up into a satisfyingly smooth shake.

Our bariatric shakes are neither gritty, doughy, sandy, or otherwise unpleasant. You’ll be

shocked you’re enjoying a bariatric shake - they’re creamy, smooth, and satisfying!

  1. A few little extras

What else could you want from a bariatric shake that offered you original, delicious flavors and was easy to mix up into a smooth and satisfying treat?

It’s also important to ensure that bariatric shakes offer the right amount of protein, but some types of whey protein drinks, like ours, go a step further.

For example, many of our bariatric protein powders are made with Albion Calci-KⓇ Calcium Potassium Phosphate Citrate, with plenty of bioavailable calcium and is ideal for no-acid diets!

You can easily learn more about our high-protein whey protein meal replacement powders at the link above, but if you have specific questions or concerns that you’d like addressed, please contact us! We love to hear from our customers and we’d be more than happy to settle your questions!

January 20, 2024
Bariatric Recipes Advice, Rants & Support Podcast: Real Talk