Thanksgiving Meal for Two

Susan Maria's Small & Happy Thanksgiving for Two. Why Not Stay Home Again! Be Thankful!
This Thanksgiving, even though you may have had big plans, you can edit them. Consider once again staying close to home and celebrate your blessings in your immediate bubble. It's not about you, it's about people you don't even know. We are close to getting in front of this and if you have not been vaccinated, is it worth your life or the life of anyone around you?

Small private gatherings have been responsible for fueling surges of Covid in the US. Indoor gatherings provide the perfect conditions for transmission. Please rethink plans to combine families or households under one roof. We will soon celebrate again with our tables for four, or twelve or twenty, but just not this year.

Please stay home and celebrate your blessings in your immediate bubble.

Last year, my husband Ty, turned eighty one and we planned on flying the entire family in to celebrate Thanksgiving at our home in Arizona. That did not work as it was just not smart even though we are both strong and healthy, This year we are a year old but are fully vaccinated plus booster, but I am still ‘Giving Thanks for Two’.

Ty and I have been safe at home since last March and will continue to be cautious until we see light. We are not fearful, we are thoughtful. So this year we will once again happily celebrate Thanksgiving for Two.

Now that we have done our part to solve world issues, lets get down to the food!

I have built a wonderful small meal for just Ty and I that doesn’t produce days of leftovers by choosing dishes that are easy to make in small amounts. There are also food shortages to consider due to supply chain interruptions and lack of people hired to provide services we used to take for granted. The key will be to have FLEXIBILITY. No turkeys in the market? Buy a Pork Roast. 

Here is my menu for our big table for two. Even in this pandemic we have too many blessings to count. Focus on the positive and you won’t have any space for disappointment.

There are no recipes, just a simple narrative for preparation. You can do it! 


Shrimp Cocktail
My favorite protein is old school fancy. Ill arrange poached colossal shrimp over ice on a pretty platter with lemon slices and a dish of homemade cocktail sauce - 1/2 cup ketchup, squeeze of a lemon wedge, 1 tablespoon prepared horseradish (buy the kind thats in the cold section near the smoked salmon in grocery store), a couple drops of Worcestershire, couple shakes of Tabasco. Chill. A lovely nibble with glass of white wine while I cook and we listen to music.
Roast Turkey Breast
I’ve bought a 3 pound boneless Butterball Cajun turkey breast, found in the frozen foods section of Walmart or any grocery store, to roast to 150 degrees on my meat thermometer in a cake pan so juices don’t burn. We will have leftovers for another meal and a sandwich or two for Ty.
Mashed Potatoes
Don’t go crazy on me until you read my rationale. I’ll boil a couple of peeled Yukon gold and mash with milk and butter. No cream cheese, no cream, no cheddar or bacon and everyone lives to see another sunrise. More manageable than stuffing.
Aunt Gail’s Stuffing
As much as I love it, Im not making this as it is too difficult to make a small dish. It’s okay, I know what it tastes like!
Slowly Simmered Southern Green Beans
Absolutely delicious when simmered with Tony Chatchere’s Creole seasoning and chicken broth until a glaze forms. So good you want to eat them!
Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce
Two ingredients - simmer half a jar of Smucker’s Sugar Free Raspberry Preserves and a bag of fresh cranberries. I can top my yogurt for days with this beautiful and delicious fruit topping!
No Sugar Cheesecake

Small batch! Make with 2 packages Philadelphia cream cheese, 1/2 c Truvia, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon good vanilla… whipped until smooth and then baked at 325 degrees in a sugar free cookie crumbed glass pie plate until edges puff yet still a bit jiggly in the center.

The wine? Why V Sattui Gamay Rouge of course!  

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!