Inspire Italian Ragu - 13g Protein

A flavorful Italian Ragu in a bowl! Slowly simmered, thick and meaty, with just the right amount of Italian seasoning to eat at your desk or kitchen table.

This is the one we get the most praise for in our Bariatric Support Groups! A Staff and fan favorite.

Five single serve packets, just add water & microwave, or steep with boiling water for delicious Italian Meat Sauce with a filling 13 grams of protein. Ready to eat from your mug in minutes. A hot meal at home or work that's light and satisfying. Inspire Italian Ragu is a delicious & nutritious addition to your bariatric lifestyle.

Made with 13 grams of plant protein to create satiety, boost protein intake, and support your weight loss goals. Inspire Protein Kitchen is made with the right taste, texture and nutrition for bariatric needs. All flavor profiles have been created and approved by an IACP Culinary Award-nominated author and bariatric post-op.

5 lunch/supper portion packets of ragu per package

Fast Recipe Idea

Inspire Ragu with Zucchini Spaghetti

Prepare an envelope of Inspire Italian Ragu per package directions. Spiral a small fresh zucchini and pan saute in a teaspoon of olive oil in a non stick skillet until softenened. You can also cut into strips using a potato peeler, or even just thin slice the zucchini into rounds and saute. Transfer to bowl and top with Inspire Ragu. Sprinkle with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Super delicious.

PRO TIP: People who rely on the same foods for meals do MUCH better with weight loss and maintenance. 

Due to manufacturing supply chain delays, actual product packaging may differ from product images on our website, however, product ingredients and nutrition facts do not differ.

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