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Protein 101

Many of us never put a protein shake to our lips before our weight loss surgery and suddenly they are our life. Not all protein is the same. There is a reason many are cheap – there is a reason many taste bad – there is a reason your hair is falling out – there is … Read more »

We know you've tried protein that was just awful. So have we. That's why we make Inspire.

Add 1 scoop Inspire Dutch Chocolate to 1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk, stir with a spoon, sip. It's Chocolate Milk that tastes shockingly good. Protein Fuels Weight Loss. Drink up! - Susan “it's

Try it, you'll thank us!BONUS: Stir scoop Inspire Dutch Choc with 1/2 cup COCONUT MILK. Mind Blown. Kapow!