So, you've had weight loss surgery. Congrats! You've made a significant leap towards a healthier, happier you. However, let's not beat around the bush here - the journey is far from over. In fact, it's only just begun. Don't sweat it though, we've got your back! Here's your laid-back guide to smash it in this new chapter in your life.

Get a Grip on the Journey

Rule number one: weight loss surgery isn’t a magic wand or a fairy godmother. It's more of a power-tool, helping you eat less and sometimes absorb less. The heavy lifting (pun intended) comes from a lifestyle makeover.

Nutritional Nitty-Gritty

Get Onboard with a New Foodie Lifestyle

Post-surgery, your tummy will be tinier, so small and frequent feedings will be your new normal. How do you navigate this? Easy-peasy:

  • Protein is King: Put protein on the throne for each meal – it'll help you maintain muscle. Protein powder from Bariatric Eating even makes consumption super easy and delicious.
  • Hydrate, Don’t Flood: Guzzle lots of water but steer clear during meals. You don't want to stretch that precious stomach.
  • Savor Every Bite: Slow down. Savor each bit to improve digestion and feel fuller.
  • Cut Down Sugar and Fats: Too much sugar and fat can trigger “dumping syndrome,” which is as unpleasant as it sounds.

Get Moving

Making physical activity a daily fixture is non-negotiable. Start at a walk and work your way up to a sprint (metaphorically, of course).

  • Fun Matters: Pick activities you love, so you stick to them.
  • Small Steps: Don’t leap but step towards targets. Small strides lead to big leaps.
  • Get a Cheer Squad: Workout buddies or fitness groups can double as great cheer squads.

Mind Matters

Anxiety munchies can be a massive challenge after weight loss surgery. Here's how you address it:

  • Lean on the Pros: Regular chit-chats with a counselor who knows the drill about weight loss surgery could be super helpful.
  • Find Zen: Meditate, do yoga, learn to breathe – discover your Zen without turning to snacks.
  • We're Here for You: Bariatric Eating's support group is a goldmine of advice and encouragement tailored for folks like you.

Regular Check-ins

Regular meetups with your doc are essential for follow-ups, tracking progress, making adjustments, and nipping any problems in the bud.

Winning the Game

Cut Yourself Some Slack
Progress is a snail's pace thing. Celebrate every tiny win. Don’t beat yourself up over hiccups.

Stay on the Ball

Always be learning – about nutrition, exercise, emotional well-being. Knowledge is power.

Choreograph Your Days

Plan meals ahead of time. Pen in your workouts on your calendar. Smooth sailing requires some planning.

Picture Your Goals

Whatever fires you up – a snapshot of a healthy you, a cute dress you want to wear, or a goal written down – let it be a beacon guiding you on this journey.


Losing weight and keeping it off post-surgery is a holistic process, demanding a real lifestyle shake-up. Sure there will be ups and downs, but with the right mindset and a healthy sprinkling of determination and patience, you'll be smashing those goals. Remember, you've already taken a giant leap towards a healthier future. So, keep those eyes on the prize, and let’s walk this road together!

March 29, 2024
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