What's wrong with taking Children's Vitamins?

If you take Flintstones, we applaud you for at least taking SOME form of vitamin. More than 60% of post-ops don't take ANY vitamins. NONE... zero, zilch, nada, none!

With all due respect as you may not be in a position to know this, but Flintstones are made for a 70 pound child. Why would anyone believe they would be sufficient for an adult who has had 80% of their stomach surgically removed? Flintstones are simply not adequate for supplementation after bariatric surgery because in addition to limited stomach size we have specific nutrient needs. This is common knowledge.

We don't need to prove you wrong, I just want to plant a seed of doubt. Your nutritionist has done you a terrible disservice but she won't be the one who loses her hair by the handful in month 7, she won't be the one sitting for 4 hours to get IV iron infusions every three months in year 3, your nutritionist won't be the one who breaks her wrist in year 5 and loses teeth in year 10, those things will happen to you. Open up your mind first, then we can send you medical journals and as a bonus the list of post-ops who have died from deficiencies.

We truly are glad that you are at least taking something as you may have a fighting chance. There are many more out there who think they are getting by with taking nothing... they are really the ones in trouble as years pass.

Want some help to pick a vitamin that will actually help you? Try Journey J1 and J2 Bariatric Multivitamins. We have developed them from a place of knowing what life is like after surgery.

March 31, 2020
Bariatric Recipes Advice, Rants & Support Podcast: Real Talk