I get bored with the same thing all the time. Can I add fruit to my Inspire shakes when I am on the Back on Track plan?

Short answer: NO

Long answer: Let me make this clear because fruit is generally a good thing. HOWEVER, the reason we have 100,000 people in our Facebook Support Groups with most here for REGAIN HELP is that we do not make good choices.

The intent of the Inspire Diet is to remove your choices where you are painfully aware that your entire day has been STRIPPED down to bare bones. Not too painful or bare though as Inspire tastes great by itself.

The lack of wiggle room forces you to lose a fast ten pounds in spite of yourself or lack of willpower and SPARKS something deep inside that will remind you of your surgical goal. Ten pounds should INSPIRE you where it gets easier but fruit will slow that down - we have short attention spans and are masters of manipulation.

We somehow turn 5 strawberries into >>> shortcake. Which is why we needed surgery. Make a bowl of sugar free strawberry jello - its fruity and delicious. Save the fruit for when you are 35 pounds down on that regain and are thinking more clearly on your own.

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