I just had my Tummy Tuck and I am home the same day!

I feel better than I thought I would. I am looking down and can't believe this is my stomach - it's so flat. The doctor told me to not lift anything more than 10 lbs, but other than that what's the story if I feel good?

IMPORTANT. This is NOT a simple little 'nothing' procedure as the name 'tummy tuck' would suggest. This is much more involved surgery than we realize. In an abdominoplasty, the skin and tissues have been COMPLETELY separated and lifted from the muscle and underlying tissues starting from just under your breasts to your pubic bone.

Obey the surgeon's '10 lb rule' and DON'T move around too much. If you have special conditions where your surgeon has determined you are a risk for blood clots, follow your post op instructions.

If you move too much, and this includes walking, shopping, driving, even getting dressed or cooking supper, the two surfaces SLIDE against one another and in response your body will send FLUID to cushion friction created by the sliding. This pocket of fluid is called a SEROMA. If you develop a fluid pocket the plastic surgeon will need to draw the fluid out using a really big syringe that is scary as all get out - then he will tell you to LAY DOWN and STOP DOING TOO MUCH.

Lay low for a good ten days. KEEP YOUR BINDER FIRM while you are vertical and loosen it while laying down flat. WATCH BRAVO TV SHOWS from bed, with 2 or 3 pillows under your knees, a couple behind your back, one under each arm to create a cradle type position. Drink plenty of water and double up on protein so you body has plenty of materials in order to heal itself.

You will get a MUCH better result if you don't create any issues for yourself by being up and about for these first ten days while the tissues reattach themselves. Trust me on this one.

April 04, 2020
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