FAQ: Why did an Admin turn off the comments on that thread? I thought this was a Support Group to help others!

When comments are closed on a thread, no one should ever take it personally or think they've done anything wrong as that's not usually the case.

We may make the decision to turn off comments on any thread in the best interest of the group.

Most of the time comments are closed because:

A) all that needs to be said has been said

B) the most accurate or appropriate answer has been given or

C) further discussion is no longer productive or helpful.

This support group has tens of thousands of members. We spend a great deal of volunteer hours helping them to have a more successful journey. Rather than 1000 people saying the exact same thing (aka 'beating a dead horse'), we close threads so we all can move on to answer other member questions. Part of what makes this group great, is that we keep things flowing and donít waste time tussling over tortillas with post ops who are still wet behind the ears. Theyíll learn.

Our no nonsense policies are the reason we have grown to become the most popular group for those who are serious about finding and staying on the right path. Those who donít like our views, methodology or eating plans may find this is not the group for them - and that's okay - not everyone likes peaches.

We put forth a sensible and time tested Bariatric Eating and supplementation regimen that has helped many thousands of people - hundreds of bariatric programs send patients to us for products and help - we got this one. Does everyone have to agree with everything? No. But itís our house and we appreciate respect for our house rules. Peace :)

June 24, 2019
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