Carve Out Some Hard No Foods.

Here is a flip of the usual mindset for you to consider. Open mind... and think about this. If it does not make sense, archive it and find a new group. Later on when it makes sense and you want to lose that 45 pound regain, come back.

If you LIVE on track you don't need to artificially STAY on track. Make it WHERE YOU LIVE. No more START and STOP... ON or OFF. Just live this way and have a better life. Find some hard lines... some NO's. I have some very basic hard 'NO's that I no longer even have to think about.


1. No super market cake. Many of you have worked in offices that bring in a big cake every month for the birthdays. MAKE IT A HARD LINE NO. Next time, take note that NOT EVERYONE EATS THE CAKE. Betcha the slim girls in the skinny pants, turtleneck sweaters and high heeled boots DO NOT eat the supermarket cake. Apply this rule for always. There is no need to eat crappy conveyer belt cake ever. We can start there.

I make nice 'no sugar' desserts occasionally that are better than any supermarket cake but even A BOWL OF SUGAR FREE JELLO is a nice thing to break out after dinner during Jeopardy. (not the lazy store bought kind that's like rubber, MAKE A BOWL like your mum did)

2. No candy. It’s just not a big deal. I don’t eat sugar, and candy has sugar. Boom. I like to button my skinny jeans. I like it even more when I play golf all weekend and my skinny golf pants are baggy in the butt. I have two sizes of jeans, slim and slimmer, its great!

3. No crackers. I eat a piece of cheese or a few grapes, but crackers generally are used to HOLD food and I'd rather just eat the food or use a spoon. I made a bowl of bruschetta last night and put some in a dish to eat with a spoon.

4. No burger or hot dog buns. Why? They are a garbage food. If I'm out and order a burger, I just peel away the bun to expose a bite. It’s messy but efficient. It’s MY choice. I don't order it without a bun from the kitchen because I DO NOT special order food in restaurants.

That's it. You guys like to justify stuff. Like Crackers and Chocolate and Won Ton Wrappers and Cauliflower Tots. Frozen Dinners. Fast Food. You are ecstatic over finding a box of Chick Pea Macaroni or fishy Shirataki Noodles. Why? You are desperate to hang on to what you LIKE to eat. You'd rather not change. You had no intention of changing if you want to really get down to it. That's why some of you get so angry over the words EASY WAY OUT. (which no one ever says to you, but that's another rant) Truth is that we did take the easy way out. Easier than diet and exercise WITHOUT surgery, that's for sure.

You'd be so much better off listening to a role model who is 4 or 12 or 20 years post op and maintaining 100... 200... or 300 pounds of weight gone, instead of trusting your own faulty 7 month post op intuition that is responsible for your needing stomach removal surgery. Capisce?

It wasn't working for you before surgery so let it go and learn some new tricks. Don’t ride things that do not work all the way back up the scale. Small things make a big difference when you just remove them from your life. So try starting with the basic four.

Post op life is a LOT easier once you resign to the fact that you need to FIND NEW FOOD TO LOVE that won't kill you.

OR NOT, but we aren't going to fight about crackers with you. Have fun with Keebler and join a group who wear leggings instead of skinny jeans and they’ll be happy to tell you that A FEW CRACKERS WITH YOUR TUNA SALAD or SMEARED WITH PEANUT BUTTER ARE FINE.


June 28, 2023
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