You CAN'T eat just one. Never could, never will. Everything in Moderation is a myth that is not attainable nor sustainable.

Everything in Moderation is the biggest pile of bull we try and sell ourselves and unfortunately we try and sell it to others who are watching us. There are entire so-called support groups on Facebook dedicated to the perpetuation of this crime of bariatric life. Doctors and nutritionists even say the words. Sad to break you the news but Everything in Moderation is a MYTH.

If you've already started gaining back weight, there may be time to get real before most of the pounds come back before you can say "I'll just have a little".

Let's Order DESSERT!

No one shouts EVERYTHING IN MODERATION before ordering a salad with salmon. In real life, its what you say before ordering a Mushroom Swiss Burger and Fries, when your friend just ordered a salad. It's what someone says when they are looking for support in ordering a dessert the size of their head at The Cheesecake Factory. The sad reality is that person was always me!

I was the one who ordered the Bloomin' Onion with extra sauce 'for the table', I was the one ordering a Mushroom Swiss Burger with fries, I was the one who wanted to order dessert. Open up your eyes... it was you too!

Worst. Dietary. Advice. of. All. Time.

"Everything in Moderation! Don't deprive yourself. Unhealthy foods are only unhealthy in excess. Balance is important. Eat anything you want as long as it is in moderation." Here's the problem with all that talk - IT'S AN EXCUSE TO EAT WHAT YOU WANT. Moderation works for very few people. You know this is true! You've tried it over and over and over again. If the 'moderation thing' worked, you would not be sitting here reading this with most of your stomach cut away or gone, with intestines rearranged, or a silicon band choking off part of your stomach.

Let it go... give it up. Abandon that sinking ship. It has not worked your entire life and isn't working now. (unless you are in the Honeymoon Phase and if so, I hate to tell you, but you're not driving the bus.)

Does Willpower Even Exist?

There are some very unhealthy foods in this world. It takes super high calorie foods to grow oneself to claim the title of Morbidly Obese or the grand daddy of them all... SUPER Morbidly Obese. Why would anyone want to moderate foods like soda, chips, fast food, cake, candy, burgers and fries back into their life? Especially after all that we have gone through in having bariatric surgery. The biggest problem with moderation is that it relies on willpower, and as I recall we sort of sucked at willpower. At least I did. If you are being honest with yourself, so did you.

Ben & his best friend Jerry

Think of the times you grabbed a pint of Cherry Garcia and a Spoon. How many times did you EVER return a 1/2 full container back to the freezer? Never! Thankyouveramuch. Why would anyone expect it to be different after bariatric surgery? Many of the processed high calorie foods we justify eating by claiming 'Everything in Moderation' have been created to be super tempting, high in carbs and sugar, calorie dense and without satiety that tells the brain to STOP. The odds are stacked against you by the food industry and your willpower cannot overcome the urge to keep eating.

Follow the Science

Our moderation meter did not work, that's why we were morbidly obese. Our food picker was and STILL IS broken or even missing. In order to help us to lose 100 pounds, we had moderation surgically installed in the form of a 4 ounce pouch, leaving us to simply make the right choices. Don't mess up your opportunity: Everything in Moderation is junk science and you already know that. You just don't want to accept it.

Non Negotiable

After living with my own surgery for almost 20 years and working with a couple million post ops, I've noticed that the 'everything in moderation' people appear to hit the wall a lot harder because they moderated themselves right back into eating the same food that created their need for surgery. The Moderation people in our support groups on Facebook are a tenacious bunch who will fight you hard, all the way up the scale. It is time to give up the foods that were responsible for your near demise. Stop clinging to bread and chips! Make the tough changes.

Black and white goals without room for interpretation or justification are easier to reach than soft goals. "I will eat better", "I will exercise more", and "Everything in moderation" are vague goals that allow plenty of wiggle room for us to get what we want right now for the moment without regard to tomorrows consequences. I will eat better? Better than what?

The Skinny

There are entire food categories that it is healthier for us to stop eating. Rather than kid myself that I can have ice cream, English muffins or cheese fries in moderation, I have scratched them off the list and and have found new things to like that don't steal away my hard earned weight loss and sink my happiness.

By letting go of Everything in Moderation we'll find ourselves in a much better place now and in thirty years. Think about it and make it your reality. I know its hard, but did you REALLY think you could have your stomach largely removed and still wash down Doritos, Oreos and Dominos Pizza with Diet Coke?

Naaaaaa! You knew that was baloney! It takes work to change and we can help you to start now. Check out the Inspire Diet, straighten up and get your sparkle back.

June 28, 2023
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