Bariatric friendly food doesn't have to suck. We've taken the flavors of high carb, bread wrapped foods we ALL love and made new & just as tasty, versions that are good for you. Get creative, have fun... its not about the bread... it's the flavors in the filling.

Make new habits for life. Learn to live without the bread. No one dies without bread. Who would feel deprived with these meals? No one!

  • Cheeseburger - Lettuce Wrapped. No Bun. Red Onion. Tomato. Chipotle Greek yogurt in place of mayo. Yum!

  • Ham & Cheese Sandwishes - Smoked Ham. Dill Havarti Cheese. on Cucumber Slices. Hellmann's.

  • Taco's - Seasoned Beef. Combined with Salsa. Avocado. Sauteéd Jalapenos & Grape Tomatoes. On Romaine

  • Herbed Cottage Cheese with Sweet Pepper Chips

  • Italian Sub - Ham. Salami. Swiss. Pickles. Cherry Peppers. Oregano. Red Wine Vinegar. Olive Oil. on Romaine

  • Asian Lettuce Cups - Ground Chicken. Blended with House of Tsang Classic Sauce. in Butter Lettuce Cups.

  • Chipotle Naked Burrito - Barbacoa, Fajita Vegetables. Black Beans. Fresh Salsa. Roasted Red & Green Salsa. Guacamole. Romaine. Boom

Once you resign to the fact that the bread and bread wrapped foods brought you to the brink of Obesity Surgery and let them go... these foods will come to you as second nature. They are delicious and easy to assemble and eat. Happy and Tasty... new foods to love more than the old foods!

April 01, 2020
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