Our Pandemic Thanksgiving. Dealing with the Disappointment.

Like so many others, I find disappointment in pulling the plug on the big Thanksgiving with our family and friends that we have been looking forward to. That’s life though and disappointment will suck up every bit of the energy you give it. There is a lot to be thankful for too.

We find ourselves living the reality of the 2020 Pandemic with our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays knocking at the door. We all wish this would go away and thought it would by now… we want to feel safe again… and free… we’d like to hug family and friends as we welcome them into our home… but common sense, medical opinions and in some cases our government, are telling us no.

Fact is, the more households you mix under your roof the higher the risk for us all. Those who are not high risk or do not feel sick may pass along Covid to those who are higher risk within the space of your home.

The BIGGER issue is that you are also increasing the risk for the people your guests go home to and work with, plus who they come into contact with... and that’s the part that is just not cool. Your sister may feel great but can pass Covid to your husband's brother's wife, whose daughter who did not even come to dinner, who may pass it to her best friend, who works at the assisted living where my friend Matt's lovely mother lives. It's not just you, it's the spread by degrees of contact. Please read this paragraph again. Please stay home and celebrate your blessings in your bubble. We are so close to a vaccine. 

Age and Obesity are a common thread for many who have become ill and those who have passed. Please ask yourself if this one family gathering or meal is worth placing yourself and those you care for in jeopardy. What about the people that you do not even know who you can hurt due to contact spread. It’s not worth it. Please stay home and celebrate your blessings in your bubble.

We must protect those who are not healthy or who are simply older. We want to make sure that everyone we love is available for Thanksgiving next year and for years to come. It’s not worth it given that we still do not even know the long term repercussions of those who did not display symptoms or feel sick. Please stay home and celebrate your blessings in your bubble.

This year, my holidays will look very different than the big family event that we talked about. My husband Ty turned eighty one this year and we planned on having everyone to our home in Arizona. Even though we are both strong and healthy, I am instead ‘Giving Thanks for Two’. Our daughter will stage a Zoom call for us all to say our blessing Brady Bunch Style. Ty and I are continuing to stay home and will celebrate our blessings in our bubble. I will be first in line for the vaccine. Someone needs to be. 

Please rethink plans to combine families or households under one roof. Look at it in the positive! No pressure, no timelines, we can roll back to the simplicity of the old days when Grandma made a turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and a pie. We will soon celebrate again with our tables for four, or twelve or twenty - and plethora of offerings from Costco, just not this year.

Ty and I will be at our big table for two. Even in a pandemic we have too many blessings to count. Focus on the positive and you won’t have room for disappointment.

Be safe, be healthy, be smart, be happy, be thankful for all you have. We love you and are here for you. 

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