Our most popular helper for Bariatric Weight Loss… know where you stand!

It’s impossible to know where to make changes unless you know exactly what you are doing and how much you are consuming. That’s why keeping track of your days in a Bariatric Food Journal is the key to change. Once you see it on paper, it’s obvious where the cuts are needed.

Our food journal is usually a giant wake up call that leads to accountability and weight loss! Try it. 



Bariatric Eating Food Journal


58 thoughts on “The Bariatric Eating Food Journal. Start Now, it’s your LIFE!

  1. Kaatie says:

    I need to hold sheets of data in my hand / computers are great to take a quick look and add this and that to programs that track your food
    For me though – putting pen/pencil to paper connects me to what I am doing/thinking/writing. I helps to have something “real ” in my hands to look at and assess! Thank you for this

    • Susan Maria Leach says:

      I get it Tracy! I found that seeing it in writing makes it more real. I was not able to get a grip on losing again until I got serious about it and really took a good look at what I was doing. It was Night Eating and Grazing PAIRED WITH ZERO EXERCISE. Thanks for all you do to help UPMC patients. We are honored to help you. Ciao, Susan Maria

  2. Shelley says:

    I can use all the help that I can get. Just kind of stuck after major heart surgery about 11 months ago. Need some kind of boost.

  3. Dianna Jarvis says:

    Why does the ruen y work for some and not others as far as keeping weight off?
    I had it done 13 years ago and maintain over 120 lb loss. My daughter had it done and has to still really fight with diet and exercise. . Hard core and seems to be a hard battle still.. I cannot eat much. She can eat 3 times or more than I can. And my surgery was 10 years before hers..seems to me.. some drs set you up to fail..as I have been beside her all along.she did not try to ruin her surgery.. she did it right.
    people cannot believe I ever had the surgery. I have been thin so long now I finally am a thin person inside and out. For many many years I was a fat girl in a skinny body…. it still does not change when you are! The same people love you skinny as loved you fat.. we need to be healthy. . But we also need to except ourselves learnt love ourselves and then diet for ourselves!

  4. failure says:

    I had rue n y 13 years ago. I had no training for eating, or anything. It was a mess. I had to have triple hernias surgery 6 months later because they didn’t wrap me correctly, anyway, I have put 70 lbs back on and I am sick. I am so fat.. I have been told that I stretched my stomach back out and I need surgery again. No insurance pays for it anymore. Will this help reactivate my surgery or am I just out of luck?

    • Patti says:

      You don’t need surgery again just get back to where you began & you’ll adjust your stomach it’s in your desire your head to c have any not reduce your stomach adjust & recommit your thinking! You can do this!? I have several times! Just keep @ it & don’t be discouraged! YOU GOT THIS!???

  5. Teresa Ronk says:

    I’m 50 I’ve lost and gain hundreds pounds since I was about 11 yrs old I now have a tumor on spine I have nerves e damage in back and legs most days I can’t walk others I use cane r walker take boat load of med school but I’m now upto 310 I’ve never been this big buts it’s like I’ve given up but it’s all in the mind is just have to get my head heart and mouth on same page we got this we just got to focus so good luck everyone !

  6. Theresa Neumann Sturgill says:

    hello my name is Theresa & have chf. Ihave an ICD & also an LVAD. I am in need of a heart transplant but need to lose 25 lbs. I know this is not a whole lot of weight but still it’s hard to get my mind straight with this . I cannot have the surgery but would love to try this to see if it can help me. I told my cardiologist I would do it in 6 months.. I am serious about getting on the list to a new & better life .Thank you for listening & hopefully this will help me …

  7. Cheryl says:

    Had surgery in 1996. Was 400lb, got down to 175. No help- except from my mothers advice. Gained 100 back. Learned that the surgery is only a tool & I have to use it. Joined Weight Watchers 7 yrs ago and am back down to 180. Healthy eating. Family too.

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Great job, Ms Cheryl, it really helps to have our families on board with what we’re working to achieve. Congratulations!

  8. Patti K. says:

    Had my surgery in2001. I was at 354 lbs. to start with ..lost 141. .felt wonderful. Stopped losing and now back up to 278lbs…I eat like a pig. Get sick with food feeling like it is stuck in my throat…bend over and throw most of it up. Even after having thatbsick feeling all the time I still can’t stop over eating…..I want help….could you please help me!!!!

  9. Karen says:

    Hope someone has some ideas on this. I am one year out and lost 80 lbs in the first six months–great my size. I have not lost anything since. I have had diarhhea for months. My nutrionist has not been help. My primary care has done all my lab work and stomach tests and can’t find a cause.

    Any ideas, anyone? Thanks

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Karen, glad to hear you are getting medical attention for your issues. Let’s hope you get some answers from your healthcare team on the subject. -Alison

  10. Tracy says:

    I am a very picky eater. I had my surgery in 2015. I did great for a little while but then felt like I was missing the food and started eating some things again. Not much, but a little here and there. Now I have put on some of my weight and when I look at the menu’s to get back on track, I can’t eat a lot of them because I can’t handle a lot of the stuff that is in it. I have tried. It really makes me sick when I eat certain things. Onion, peppers and so on. I really want to get back on track, but I am having trouble finding easy recipes that don’t have a lot of things that I can’t eat in them. I can’t do the protein shakes like Ensure. I feel like I have just about given up. I haven’t, but I just want some suggestion if anyone has any?

    • Alison Garcia says:

      Hi Bessie- it was absolutely help you!! It’s a great jumping off point to see exactly how many calories, carbs, sugars, and protein you are consuming per day. It’s a wonderful tool!! -Alison

  11. Myrtle says:

    Duedional surgery is what I had 10 years ago it was a drastic surgery but would do it again in a heart beat. I have been able to keep my weight but do have problems with certain vitamins being absorbed. If I start to put weight on I cut back till I can get it back off it scares me to gain. It is sometimes hard to maintain but worth it. Good luck everyone.

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