Van Halen Frankenstrat

Don‘t Settle… DO Something. Surgery is not enough.
We have already established that I am a slug. Have been for 52 years. I was the first grader who did not fit in the powder blue short jumpsuits at St. Nicholas Catholic school and it set the tone for a lifetime of gym class avoidance. Seriously, did we need to make a spectacle of Sherry Edwards running towards the mini tramp that would ‘in theory’ catapult her sausage like body over the pommel horse? We knew she was not going to make it. Why wouldn’t the gym teacher have stopped the accident before it happened? In retrospect, the adults in charge were squarely responsible for some of these ugly incidents and embarrassments that deeply damaged us – my classmates didn’t need to know what I weighed in sixth grade – what good could ever come from a school nurse announcing weights and publicly humiliating someone?

Metabolism. Either with us, or against us
If you can relate to that little trip down memory lane… and I know you can… I have good news for you. Exercise CAN be fun. Yeah, I really meant that. Look, we have a choice to either let our bariatric surgery wind down and slow to a halt or we can get up and do something to make our metabolisms work FOR US, instead of AGAINST US.

I also get that after a lifetime of telling people about your bad thyroid or knees, you believe it yourself. I believe you too, but you still have a choice. You can stay fat… or you can work around your situations and start losing weight. DONT SETTLE. DO SOMETHING. SURGERY IS NOT ENOUGH.

Hot for Teacher
I graduated High School in 1979 so my musical selections may not turn you on. The point is to find some music that is the right beat that DOES turn you on. Who can stay still when you hear those first guitar rifs from Van Halen’s JUMP. Play it right now and I guarantee you will MOVE. Even more important is that it PUSHES you to move faster. Get the point here? In order to lose weight we have to BURN more than we take in. Fat does not care that we have a thyroid problem or bad knees. (quite frankly, neither does anyone else, so stop saying it)

The Soundtrack of YOUR Life!
Here is my playlist for today. Yeah… its the 80’s and we all had really big hair. I am heading over to the ELLIPTICAL MACHINE… but you can stand up and DANCE. The point is to get your heart pumping. You are dying in that chair. You had bariatric surgery but that doesn’t do it all for you. You have to save yourself! Get up and dance. RIGHT NOW.

Van Halen – Best of Both Worlds
Finish What Ya Started
You Really Got Me
Ain’t Talkin Bout Love
Dancing in the Street
Why Cant This Be Love
Everybody Wants Some
COOL DOWN to Right Now

Admit it… it feels good that you did it. The best part is that your body will continue to burn at a higher rate for hours. Think of it as a bonus.

2 thoughts on “Might as well Jump! Get up & Dance.

  1. mary says:

    thank you. I feel like you are telling my childhood story. Catholic school & gym! ugh.
    Hoping I can get inspired to move. Regained half my loss. Very discouraged, yet hopeful too.

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