Runny nose, hiccups, sneezing, it's your NEW alarm! You are not alone, it is very common after weight loss surgery, to have one of these things happen while you are eating.

My nose runs when I have been eating for a few minutes. Sometimes its so bad that I need to leave the table!

I hiccup after I've been eating for a bit, does that happen to anyone else?

When I am almost finished with my meal, I sneeze. It happens every time! Is something wrong?

After your surgery, the Vagus Nerve, an important sensor that runs from your brain to your stomach, is easily stimulated due to our altered anatomy. This nerve regulates digestion, detoxification, our "fight or flight" response, various aspects of heart rate and blood pressure and more. When it is stimulated you may have repetitive or single hiccups, sneezing, and or a runny nose.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY as this is your new warning system telling you that you are getting really close to being full! Pay close attention to not over eat past this point.

This action is NOT a cue for you to take a break and then go back and finish. It means that you are done.

I personally make a single very loud hiccup when I am right about to be too full. It's my signal to stop. This has happened at supper every night since my surgery in 2001! What is your sign? A hiccup, a runny nose or ahhhhchooooo a sneeze?

July 17, 2019
Bariatric Recipes Advice, Rants & Support Podcast: Real Talk