Take Back Thanksgiving!

Take Back Thanksgiving!

This year let's make Thanksgiving about the day and the people and not buy in to believing that our worth is tied to a bowl of mashed potatoes that we *must* make.

Think it through using Slimbrain and try to recognize that there is no true comfort in really high carb high fat food. Thanksgiving is ONE MEAL and that meal does NOT have to have to be a belly buster or a free pass for pigging out. Eat within your means and you'll have a great day. Don't think with Fatbrain!

Light the Candles!

Your meal can be Delicious. Wonderful. Sweet. Savory. Fresh. Flavorful. and Joyful... without taking you down a road you no longer travel.

Join us in choosing Thankful instead of Stuffed. Take pride in the parts of the meal that you don't eat. Get out the nice dishes you never use, the silver serving spoons from your grandma, use pretty mismatched glasses, there are cloth napkins and tablecloths in the clearance sections of Pier 1 and TJMaxx. Gather up some candlesticks and buy unscented candles to light.

Life is short and age is a privilege guaranteed to no one. Set a lovely table for your holiday... even if it's a table for one or two.

Let it Go

I don't feel pressured to serve high fat, high carb, high calorie food because it's 'just one meal' or because my father (with a triple bypass) loves something that is bad for him. In our Bariatric Eating Support Group on Facebook, we have many Masters of Excuses. You have to make the Macaroni & Cheese because your niece asked for it, your mother loves Pecan Pie, you always use cream cheese in your mashed potatoes. That's cool because you have to right to choose and you can choose to stay fat or be fat. Sorry, but that's the truth. Change how you think. That you *must* make certain foods is in your head.

I serve great food and no one ever asks about food that's not there.

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