Is it okay for me to have wine?

Most doctors say okay for you to have wine IF you are at least one year post op. If your doctor is one of the few that say NO, discuss it and make your decision together. Here at Bariatric Eating, we feel that the 'NO' doctors are being a little unreasonable from their soapbox.

More than 95% of all bariatric surgeons say it's okay after the first year. If you have a medical reason for them telling you no, such as kidney or liver disease, that should obviously be respected.

In the first year massive weight loss has put great stress on your liver as it filters the toxins from fat metabolization. So in that year 'no alcohol' is a non negotiable rule.

After that year, you can have a glass of wine or no sugar cocktail BUT remember that without a full stomach you do not break down what you drink before it is absorbed so the alcohol enters the blood at near full proof. You can get very drunk, sloppy incoherent dangerously drunk, very quickly.

Please remember to never drink unless you are with someone that you can trust with your life. Never take your first drink at your bosses birthday dinner, or your own wedding just in case you are greatly effected! Never drink shots. Make sure your drink is not blended with a full sugar mixer.

Lastly, if you develop a problem where you cannot control your drinking or cannot stop, tell someone, tell anyone, call your surgeons office and they should be able to offer you guidance without judgment.

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