To Purée is to blend, grind or mash food until it is a thick, smooth, lump-free consistency. A Purée is a food that has the consistency of a soft creamy paste."

It is not arbitrary that you have been told to eat purées for a period of time - you have just had 85% of your stomach removed and have miles of staples creating your new stomach pouch. (okay so not miles but you get the point)

Scrambled eggs are not a purée, refried beans are not a purée unless completely smooth, chili is not a purée. You cannot 'make a purée in your mouth'. Don't laugh, as our Support Group on Facebook members write of doing this - then ask for help when they are in pain after accidentally swallowing a chunk of food.

Smooth means SMOOTH completely silky smooth... no chunks or lumps. Carbs are okay in early stages as the purpose is to get your stomach used to simple digestion and accepting food after the trauma of surgery - so don't panic when you read suggestions of potatoes or beans. These are in small amounts and are easy to digest. You can also serve these 'purées' to your family while you are in this stage - a dish of seasoned sweet potato alongside roasted chicken legs is a happy thing in my house and will be in your house too.

Sweet Potato Purée

  • Roast medium sweet potatoes on a tray in the oven at 400 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes or until it soft when you squeeze it with your fingers using a kitchen towel. You should be able to easily make soft dents with your fingers.
  • Peel and scoop the soft insides into a bowl and using a whisk whip with enough chicken broth to create a soft smooth fluffy mixture.
  • You also use your blender or food processor, using enough Chicken Broth so it blends easily and is silky smooth.
  • Add salt and pepper so it tastes good to you.

GREAT IDEA: Divide the pureé into two bowls and season half with Salt and Pepper to your taste - and the other half with Splenda and cinnamon to your taste. As a first pureé keep it simple.

(Later in your journey you may want to make this for a holiday dinner using a little butter and sugar free Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup to taste. This tastes great no matter how long its been since your surgery!)

Stick to your surgeons suggested time line and don't jump into 'real food' too quickly. Hang in these early phases as long as they ask you too and IF you have any trouble or discomfort, drop back to the last phase. This too shall pass.

March 31, 2020
Bariatric Recipes Advice, Rants & Support Podcast: Real Talk