Every week we get stronger and stronger as we lose pounds.

This worked out so well in Week 2, let's do it again! Welcome to Super Supper for The Inspire Diet Week 3. You will love the picks for our third week of getting back on track with The Inspire Diet.

Even if you are a beginner, these recipes are not all that hard to make and do not use a large number of ingredients. Many use shortcuts and the steps are explained so you can follow. Give them a try!

Below you will find the link to take you to the recipe along with the photo of the dish. All dishes are happy, healthy and bariatric friendly! Not a potato rice or tortilla in sight. These meals can be used with The Inspire Diet for weight loss or Inspire Goal for maintenance!

PRO TIP: Join our BariatricEating Support Group on Facebook if you have not done so. Be there or be square.

Let's Cook!

Monday: Skinny Orange Chicken with Broccoli - the Chinese take out version is deep fried. Ours has the flavors without the fat. <

Tuesday: Romaine Tacos - Everyone loves Taco Tuesdays! These use the 'taco shell shape' of a romaine lettuce leaf to hold all that goodness!

Wednesday: Five Minute Crab Cake Salad - store bought crab cake set on top of a gorgeous pile of greens and flavors. The dressing? Really easy 'homemade' ranch!

Thursday: Black Bean Soup - paired with Deli Turkey Roll ups. No recipe needed, just roll deli meat slices, a small amount of cheese and a little mustard.

Friday: Sheet Pan Chicken with Roasted Garlic - wrap up a busy week with a super fast meal. Just arrange and bake!

Saturday: Roasted Artichoke Spinach Dip Chicken - the appetizer dip that's lick the dish good, made with a secret ingredient, on top of roasted chicken.

Sunday: Italian Pot Roast - turn a chuck roast into a hug from an Italian grandma. Set it and forget it... for an all day tender simmer!

This weeks sweet treat: Skinny Strawberry Pie - a genius dessert that EVERYONE will love!

We know by now you are thrilled beyond belief to be losing weight while eating this well. Keep it up! Click through for The Inspire Diet Week 4 Super Suppers.

March 30, 2020
Bariatric Recipes Advice, Rants & Support Podcast: Real Talk