Here is a full week of High Protein Low Carb BIG Flavor suppers for you & the whole family! Enjoy. 


Too many post ops make separate meals for themselves! The idea of special food sends the message that eating well isn’t a good thing or that your new choices are a punishment. It’s a lot easier to simply shift the food supply where there are new better choices to replace old bad choices. If you are sly about it, no one needs to really know.

Most households have a gatekeeper – that person who is generally responsible for the care and feeding of the other family members. When this gatekeeper is morbidly obese, it is more likely that there will be other obese family members. Hate to tell you but we’ve been slowly killing our families.

It is common for entire families to lose weight when only one has had obesity surgery. If there are no Cokes, the pitcher of iced tea will taste great. When there are no Little Debbie Iced Honey Buns, the kids will eat baked apples after school. When there are fewer trips to McDonalds, there are no French Fries. Pretty simple stuff. You can’t eat bad choice foods when they are not there!

If you are the person who shops and cooks for the family and you have had weight loss surgery, you DON’T have to make yourself separate meals. Everyone in your family will love these delicious one dish or simple suppers – lots of flavor, lean protein with ‘good choice’ carbs that bring nutrients to the table. I hate to say they are healthy because I used to think that meant they didn’t taste good (((but they are healthy!!!)))

These tasty meals embody the most important rule for bariatric eating: PROTEIN FIRST FOLLOWED BY LOTS OF GOOD CARB VEGETABLES OR SALAD.

Let’s plan family meals for the week!


Monday: Taco Soup – a BariatricEating family favorite for years! Meat, beans, tomatoes, peppers, chili seasonings, the flavors of Mexico in a bowl! Yum.

Taco Soup for Bariatric Eating

Tuesday:  Cheeseburger Pie – YES, it really does taste like a cheeseburger!

Cheeseburger Pie - BariatricEating

Wednesday:  Swiss Steak – Beef Cubed Steak gets a quick simmer in smoky tomato sauce until super tender. Complete the meal with broccoli.

Swiss Steak for BariatricEating

Thursday:  Asian Turkey Salad with Peanut Dressing – Instead of turkey, make this main dish salad with a rotisserie chicken you pick up on the way home!

Asian Turkey Salad with Peanut Dressing

Friday:  Chicken Crust Pizza – The flavors of pizza on a thin ‘crust’ made from seasoned ground chicken. Choose veggie toppings and go easy on the cheese to keep this one low in fat and calories.

Chicken Crust Pizza for bariatric eating

Saturday:  Smokey BBQ Chicken Sandwish with Honey Mustard dressing – turn boneless chicken breasts into smoked chopped chicken bbq in minutes!

Chicken BBQ Sandwish with Honey Mustard

Sunday: Cheesy Meatball Skillet – Learn to make the best meatballs. Serve to your family over angel hair or cavatappi macaroni with a green salad. Go easy on the cheese, its a garnish not a blanket!

Cheesy Meatball Skillet

Sugar Free Jello with Berries – Life needs a touch of sweetness – once a fortnight make a wonderful sugar free dessert and it will keep you on track!

Sugar Free Strawberry Jello

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49 thoughts on “MEALS FOR LOSING WEIGHT- Week 1 Super Suppers!

  1. Lena Wind says:

    I have a grandson that I’m raising and really need to help him lose weight! Thank you for the ideas!

  2. Loraleen says:

    Hello I had surgery 5/98 starting weight 317 now I weight 246 the lowest I’ve bee is 198 lbs. I want to weight 180lb which would be great for me I thought of revision but my doctor moved to Naples now I have no one that would do it if u can help me to get to 180 lbs I would be so happy a dream come true

  3. Josefina says:

    All the recipes are great. I just wish they had a picture included when you print them that would give and idea of how delicious they look.

  4. Teresa says:

    My parents and siblings are morbidly obese. When I had bariatric surgery in 2003, I had reached my high of 319. Of course the weight fell off, but began to creep back on over the years. When I got up to 283, I had enough. One thing Susan mentioned in an article was to “trust your pouch.” This struck home with me. I did the 48 hour pouch reset. Since August 2, 2015, I have lost 57 pounds. I am back on track and didn’t even cheat during the holidays. I have refocused towards meeting my goal. I am thankful for this website because it provides a lot of information that the doctors cannot provide.

  5. Sandi says:

    Love the recipes. Are the products available in Ontario, Canada. I pre surgery. Hopefully early spring b

  6. Jaime says:

    I am 5yrs out from RNY, in that time I’ve had severe injuries to my knees and back to the point that I can’t even walk short distances. And because of that I’ve regained 60lbs of my original loss of 120lbs. I’ve also developed severe food allergies to fruits and vegetables (I have to carry an epi pen), and I’m lactose intolerant. How can I lose the weight? I know empty carbs are my problem, I use them as quick digesting to help digest and make my pain medication work. If I cut them out, then I’ll be forced to suffer longer from the pain. Any ideas for me?

  7. Laura says:

    Love your recipes. I have made several for my family and they don’t know it’s low carb. I am almost four months post op gastric sleeve.

  8. Anne says:

    Recipes look great – what is the rest of daily plan? Is it shakes except for these dinners, or?

  9. Kathy says:

    I’am 10 yrs out from my RNY surgery . I have 50 lbs of regain. I’m not sure how to get started again. Can you help get me back on track ?

  10. Ethelean says:

    God bless you for this post! I am using this along with my shakes to get back on track!! So excited to see how much progress I can make in a week!! And I didn’t have to come up with a meal plan myself!! Yay!

  11. Irish says:

    I am 4 years out from my sleeve. I have had 3 surgeries since then. The latest was reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. Needless to say I could not do much exercise. I was 80 lbs from my goal before all the surgeries. Now I have gained back 60 pounds over the past 2 1/2 years. I am so glad that my friend referred me to this site. She regained 40lbs. BOT helped her to lose her regain. So now I am ready to give it all I have.

  12. Cynthia says:

    These are some great recipes. Difficult to find recipe for one serving. I live only with my little dog.

    • Caliber says:

      You can cook the full recipe and store the remaining portions in storage containers and put them in the freezer. Then you will have pre-cooked meals that all you have to do is take from the freezer and put in the frig to defrost, then microwave or defrost and cook in the microwave. I do this all the time, Cook lots of meals on one weekend a month, put in those glass containers and store in the freezer. Must have freezer space!

  13. Matthew says:

    It will be 3 years September 30, 2016 since my Weight Loss Surgery, I had the sleeve! In May/June of 2010 I weighed 379lbs the most I have ever weighed!! Then July 2010 I had back pain and found out I had 2 bulging discs in my Lower back, Slippage of the spine (which I knew about since my early teens), and a couple of other things going on in my back. The Doctor said no operation unless I lose weight! I cut back on soda and on the amount of food I ate. Doc still said no operation until lose more weight! I wanted a second opinion and went to another doctor. That doctor said the same thing: “If you can get below 300 lbs, then I will do the surgery.” But at least he explained why I must lose the weight before he would do the surgery. It was because of complications that could arise because of having all that weight putting pressure on the major organs and the length of the surgery. He then asked me if I ever thought about Weight Loss surgery and then said he went to medical school with a doctor and would give me his number to call.

    In January 2013 I had arthroscopic knee surgery to repair a partially torn meniscus. In July 2012 I ended up calling the doctor about the weight loss surgery. Best decision I ever made!! By the time I got all my clearances and had my date scheduled for September 30, 2013 I had lost 69 lbs! After my weight loss surgery I had got down to 202 lbs with a weight loss of over 100 lbs since the surgery! But now I have regained just over 20 lbs! The main reason is my back had begun to hurt again and I was limited to what I could do, So I Finally had Back surgery on April 26, 2016! But I still have 1 bulging disc that will probably need to be addressed in the near future.

    I would like to get lose about another 50 lbs to get down to 175 lbs, which is my goal weight, even thought the medical charts say I should weigh between 130 lbs and 150 lbs for my height just under 5′ 5″.

    I also like to cook and have many ideas for meals. My problems are portion sizes, coming up with seasoning so it will taste good, and how to properly cook the food in a healthy way. That is why I like the recipes especially ones with photos!

  14. Tina says:

    I am a Carbavor so my breakfast is usually an Believe Chai Tea and then I end up eating Ritz crackers (like a whole sleeve of them) for snacks for the rest of the day or Mike Sells Cheese twisties….
    I’ve got about a 50+ regain. Hopefully this will get me back on track….

  15. Woo Bunny says:

    Hi! I just joined this group a few weeks ago and I’m really enjoying the information and support. My question is this; I’m not a chef by no means. The recipes look delicious but I know I’m not that good in the kitchen. Is there any way to substitute with store-bought products like Smart One’s, Lean Cuisine, etc? Thanks so much!

  16. Susan Makishima says:

    Hi, I downloaded the ebook yesterday for the “Air Fryer recipes” or so I thought. I can’t find the PDF on my phone. I want to re-download to iBooks, but I can’t find the link. Can you help me please?

  17. Tammy Runnels says:

    Are there nutritional values such the carb, sugar, fat count in the recipes? Or, a way they can be figured? I’m just curious about the numbers.

  18. Cherilynn Miles says:

    I have a question. I love pistachio ice cream. I found sugarless pistachio pudding and would love to make a protein shake with it. My question is, do you have any ideas on how to make it with vanilla protein mix? I need an idea of how you would make it. I want to use almon milk. Thank you and I love the site. I have lost over 30 pounds of regain with your BOT and have ordered four flavors of your protein powder. I needed something without erithritol.

    • Lorie K says:

      Hi Cherilynn. I have made Protein Pudding Popsicle before… 1 box of SF pudding mix, 2 scoops of protein. and 1 and 1/2 c of 2% milk. then I Poured into Popsicle molds. I tried almond milk and Skim… they came out very much liked iced milk. with ice crystals in them. ( and I wanted creamy)

      But if you are just making a shake… thenadd a Tablexpoon of the Pudding mix into your vanillia shake. … Good luck

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