HOW is Inspire protein powder different or BETTER?

"I need help. I am using another brand of protein that doesn't taste very good but it also causes my stomach to rumble and I sometimes have to run to the bathroom. I am afraid to try yet another brand and waste more money. What do I do? Is Inspire different?"

Most protein powders use whey concentrate, a cheaper less pure form of protein. This is why supermarket, drugstore and Walmart protein drinks have an awful rotting meat smell, lingering aftertaste and often cause stomach issues - the whey concentrate has actual rotting junk molecules attached to the protein molecules that are expensive to remove.

These giant clumps of molecules are not only funky and rotting, but are too large to fit through the pores in our intestines! You are choking it down, but you are not even absorbing it. (There have been class action lawsuits involving big name protein manufacturers for this reason - false claims regarding protein - bad bad bad.)

Whey Protein Isolate is the GOOD STUFF - the protein molecules are clean and have been isolated or separated from the food and junk molecules. They are also small enough to fit through the pores in the intestine. The isolate we use for Inspire is sourced from certain farms in the US and Canada that are especially particular in how they maintain their farms and how they make their isolate - this attention to detail is what makes Inspire taste so good - the formulation begins with taste free and odor free whey protein isolate.

When we flavor Inspire, we are not trying to cover up a funky taste and smell. The natural flavorings shine. Inspire not only tastes good - but more tiny clean protein molecules are able to get into the body.

As for bathroom problems, if you drink good clean protein you wont have these issues. Years ago, a quality brand of protein isolate had an ad campaign featuring a bodybuilder sitting on a toilet with his shorts around his ankles to try and get people to understand that WHEY CONCENTRATES often cause bathroom issues. People who drink cheap protein, think its the protein causing the diarrhea when its the other stuff in the protein powder. Also, if you make your drinks with MILK, the lactose in milk can sometimes cause diarrhea, as after bariatric surgery it is difficult for some to digest lactose.

Inspire solves so many problems for so many - high quality, clean, great tasting, filling protein that is easy to digest and gets sucked up into the body. BOOM!

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