What do we do about taking protein powder on a flight? Cruise? Out of the country?

Let's give some thought to this issue so we can use common sense to avoid a problem.

We have consulted with TSA and travel professionals. The goal is to take protein powder on a flight, without it being confiscated.

What does your baggie of powder resemble?

Drugs, poison, chemical to toss in the air on a crowded flight perhaps. It is suspicious. While security would know that it was protein if they took a closer look, they do not have to allow you to take up their time and resources. It is common for *baggies of powder* to end up in the trash.

These guys don't want to SNIFF your powder.

That's nuts. Not adhering to laws/rules and trying to get through makes it less safe for the rest of us. I want TSA agents to be STRICT with the rules. The one way TSA does not accidentally allow a banned substance through a checkpoint is to toss unlabeled powders in the trash.

The reliable solution?

Take sealed and labeled packages of powder and keep vitamins in original packaging. I slip an unopened bag of Inspire Protein Singles into the pocket of my carry on bag and put vitamins into a small empty Journey bottle.

Within the USA, send a small box Via UPS to your destination in advance - when shipping to a hotel use the first line: JANE SMITH - GUEST 8/25. This is important as some hotels do not accept packages unless the name matches a reservation. Once again, it's security.

Doctors note are not foolproof.

TSA is not there to judge the authenticity of a note and are likely to toss your stuff in the trash.

Take sealed packaging - security is not a joke.

When traveling to foreign countries, security is a military operation with armed guards who are not smiling or engaging. It's never a good idea to attempt taking a bag of powder in your bag - you may be detained and you can miss your flight. That's why our Inspire Protein Singles are smart, it's clear what it is. No questions needed.

While we are excited to go on a trip, it's easy to lose the focus WHY we are being searched before boarding a flight or cruise.

It is serious. We have not had a major terrorist event in years and we would all like to keep it that way.

Now...pack smart. Plan ahead so you can buckle up stress-free and enjoy your flight!

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