Which sweetener is best to use after bariatric surgery? I can't tolerate artificial sweeteners, can I use Honey or just a little regular sugar?


Short answer is USE ANY ZERO CALORIE SWEETENER THAT TASTES GOOD TO YOU.... HONEY IS A BIG 'NO'... as it has calories and it is sugar.

If you have had any form of Bariatric Surgery, you can use any of the ZERO CALORIE SWEETENERS... use the one you like best that tastes good to YOU.

Sugar or honey is a definite NO. Not a maybe or a sometimes... but a NO. Honey IS sugar, so it is a NO.

So is maple syrup, sugar in the raw, coconut sugar, or brown sugar. Calories from sugar are a reason why we were 300 pounds. No one PREFERS or CHOOSES artificial sweeteners but we use them to remove the calories in a tradeoff. Let me say that again... NO ONE WANTS TO USE ARTIFICIAL SUGAR. We do it to remove the calories from our day.

To most, Splenda tastes great and that's why millions of people use it in recipes and products. There is unfounded internet hype about Splenda being bad for you - I can assure you that BEING 400 POUNDS IS MUCH MUCH WORSE and will kill you long before Splenda. Do you know anyone who has died from Splenda? Nope.

So to repeat, you may use any of the zero-calorie sweeteners in your iced tea and coffee OR you can drink it UNSWEETENED.

There is Splenda, Truvia, Stevia, Nutrasweet, Sweet & Low, and Erythritol that all have zero calories.

We really want to completely remove added sugar from our life and only consume sweets that have sugar from fruit or a zero calorie sweetener.

Sugar nearly killed us - its not called Morbid Obesity for nothing - and we've got to stop using it.

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