I am going to share something with you all. It is not a 'confession' because I did nothing wrong, but I want to start a conversation. - Matt Frassica, Admin Bariatric Eating Support on Facebook.

This past week I wanted to taste the "new" Coke Zero Sugar, so while I was at Best Buy, I picked up a bottle. I drank half of it over the course of the next few hours. It tasted exactly like the "old" Coke Zero and my curiosity was satisfied. I always liked the taste of it, and I still do.

We could spend weeks discussing the above statements. Did I do wrong? Was it a treat? Was it moderation? Was it going to send me into a spiral of overeating or drinking all the wrong things?

Here's the bottom line: none of these questions really matter. They are all what if's. The question we all need to ask ourselves (and really, no one else needs to be a part of this conversation) is "Why?" Why did I want to drink a Coke Zero? I know what my answer is and in truth it doesn't matter to anyone but me. For the sake of my point, I will share the reason with you: simply, I was curious if it tasted the same as the old one. I like it and down the road I may or may not have another.

You see, Coke Zero is not - nor has it ever been - a trigger for me. I won't go out today and buy a case of it to have after every meal. I like my water too much, and I don't like Coke Zero enough.

Now, let's shift gears a second. I was at the store this afternoon stocking up on stuff for the week (and WHOA MAMA you should see the rib roast I got, but that's another posting....) While at the store, I saw the infamous "Miracle Noodles". Those calorie/carb-free Japanese yam concocted miracles of nature. I could have bought some to go with my roast. But I did not.

Let me share with you... "Why." Stats wise, there is nothing at all wrong with miracle noodles. They can be paired up with a protein and some veggies with ease. But there is a very personal reason "Whyî I did not buy them. If I bought one bag, I would have it with some veggies and chicken. Then I would buy two more bags but one of those bags I would make an excuse to top with an Alfredo cream sauce and lots of cheese.

You see where I am going with this? Miracle noodles are noodles to me and they will trigger my fatbrain to go off the rails with excuses and before you know it I'll have regular Riggatoni, Spaghetti and Ravioli in my cart. So I don't buy fake noodles, ever.

Isn't it too bad we don't fight so hard to make these excuses over broccoli, cauliflower, or kale? I think it is because - at least for me - a pound of hot, buttered noodles is too comforting for me to allow back into my life no matter what the packaging.

All of us on this page and in our sister pages have been down all of these roads. We know the triggers. We know the excuses and arguments for allowing any number of NONE OF MY BUSINESS foods back into our lives. I know em all so well I regained 150 pounds THREE TIMES before I had surgery.

So here's your homework from Professor Matt. The next time you feel your fat brain tickling your appetite with something, ask yourself: Why?

And for heaven's sake remember we are all human. I took that Coke Zero home and for a brief moment I wondered how it would taste to add some sugar free vanilla ice cream, whipped cream with a cherry to it. Fortunately, I came to my senses.

That's a whole other bag of "Why."

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