Even after having obesity surgery, some of you are still digging your own grave with your teeth!

We are a long established team of seasoned post ops with an amazing track record for helping those with a regain to find goal again or for the first time THROUGH DIET AND EXERCISE. We help you to find and use the pouch tool you have had all along, but this time modifying food and adding movement.

Somehow that's not as sexy as touting the headline REVISION SURGERY.

We find it sad and somewhat horrifying that anyone who has had MOST of their stomach removed or cut in half and intestines bypassed would believe that a SECOND bariatric surgery would magically work differently than the first one. Yet, questions about how to have 'revision surgery' are asked in our Support Group on Facebook every single day. These oddly popular 'What about a Revision' threads get more 'me too' action than those that spotlight the hard work and dedication of our many Inspire Diet Success Stories!


Too many post ops are still looking for the EASY FIX. (or is it the Easy Way Out, that when mentioned makes some of you so angry) You do not want to change your life. The thought of additional SURGERY is more palatable than changing what you eat. More surgery is preferable than *gasp* exercising.

Which organ do you seek to revise with 90% of your stomach already removed from your body? Should they take it all and give you an outside bag perhaps. Which organs would you revise for the surgery after that one, when you still do not lose weight?

More surgery does not work better or differently than the procedure you already have. Obesity surgery gives you a head start or hand up while you figure out which behaviors created the morbid obesity and work to change them.

IF you have a medical issue or complication, that is a completely different story. Intolerable GERD or reflux, removal of an eroded lap band, having ulcers that are unable to be fixed via oral routes would be a legitimate consideration for revision of your first surgery.

However, you do not get to have another surgery because you did not lose weight with the first one or because you gained it all back.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU and we do have many of the answers. It may not be what you want to hear though. Our message is change. There is one true easy way out... change how you choose your food... change the way you move through life. The Inspire Diet helps facilitate that change but its all you with the help of your four ounce pouch.

Get it through your skull that surgery does not keep this weight off... you do.

June 28, 2023
Bariatric Recipes Advice, Rants & Support Podcast: Real Talk