Why do we drink Inspire Protein Shakes?

If you're new to surgery or maybe it's been a few years for you since your surgery you may have wondered why the emphasis is so heavy on Protein and why we rely & recommend Inspire Protein Drinks as a source of protein.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Protein drinks control hunger. Protein is a slow-burning form of fuel, and it takes your body longer to break it down into usable particles. Even a small thin drink like Inspire keeps you feeling satisfied longer. Remember, satisfaction comes from the body absorbing the protein, not the “full” sensation many incorrectly seek when eating. Full is not only often too much post-WLS it’s also fleeting and won’t help you avoid gazing and snacking. Hungry? Drink a shake. That’s why you lose weight when you go protein first. Carbs burn fast and easily, with no real weight loss.
  • Inspire tastes really good, just like chocolate milk or a milkshake. It’s really that good!
  • Drinking protein helps you to keep your hair. When your body is protein deficient, it shuts off non-essential use of protein. Meaning hair and nails. Within one week of drinking just one Inspire shake a day, you’ll notice your nails are growing like crazy... within a couple of months, you’ll notice baby hair sprouts around your face like a halo. Trust us, we have been at this rodeo for over 20 years and have helped tens of thousands bounce back from a lot of scary complications, regrow hair they thought was gone forever, heal vitamin deficiencies and even lose weight they regained or didn’t lose initially!
  • More of the specific protein type that we use in Inspire gets absorbed into your body. Inspire is made from super clean protein molecules. Protein normally has a lot of 'junk' attached to it. Protein molecules are sort of like a fuzzy tennis ball with lots of little bits of dirt and stuff stuck to it. Those pieces stuck to it are actually impurities like meat (depending on the source of protein) or bacteria or fat and when they rot they smell awful. That’s precisely why so many brands of protein stink when you open the jar or bag and taste like funky milk when you drink it. Inspire uses a super clean protein molecule, so you only drink a clean tennis ball without any junk clinging to them. This also allows the tennis balls to easily go through the “holes” where nutrients are actually absorbed in your intestine and then into your body. If the tennis balls have lots of stuff stuck to them, they are too big to get through the holes in your intestines, and they just pass on through... useless. That’s also why many post-ops have a hard time finding a protein that doesn’t cause a lot of bathroom distress and gas. When the body can’t properly absorb and break down nutrients, it creates gas and puts the rest to waste.
  • We are not trying to cover up funkiness. If you’ve ever compared our ingredient list to another brand you’ll notice ours is shorter, by a lot. We don't need all those fillers and additives to make it taste great since we start with a superior form of protein.
  • There is zero aftertaste in Inspire. Lovely pure flavors that taste exactly like you’d expect them too, no matter which one you choose.

    Drinking protein drinks after weight loss surgery can be easy or you can buy the cheap stuff and punish yourself into baldness and end up not complying with your instructions to get protein into your diet. 

    Take the easy way and sip on Inspire & smile. 

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