After bariatric surgery, there are foods that are foods that are a big fat NO - the candy in the jar at office, birthday cake, the soda in your fridge, Chinese take out, Pizza Hut Delivery, rice, macaroni salad, Pringles.

These foods are ALL bad choices that move you AWAY from goal. It is important to create a HARD LINE for yourself. Don't. Eat. Them. BOOM.

Make up your mind that these foods are over the line and once you develop resolve, there is no temptation. We suck at willpower, but resolve is different.

When you are driving, do you EVER veer over on to the other side of the road just to see what happens? NO, of course not... its a hard line. Same with certain foods, do you uncontrollably eat ANCHOVIES with a fork, cramming them into your mouth OR do you avoid any food that might have them like Caesar Salad? Another hard line.

Resolve is the reason we lick the whipped cream from our thumb but NOT the cat food gravy.

If it were automatic, we would not have control over it... but we do.

It is easier if you THINK through this. Stop reacting and grabbing something to eat when something happens. Food does not HELP the situation, in fact it makes you feel even worse.

Stay on the right side of YOUR hard line.

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