There are times when everyone has had to resort to counting change from the can in the closet. Whether rich or poor, we still have to put supper on the table. These are from my budget files for times when I need to stretch too few dollars into some big meals.

Our local Fresh Market has chicken breasts and ground chuck priced at 2.99 per pound once a week. Meaning, you can feed four people a pound of protein on the cheap. Eggs are on sale and even at regular price are low cost protein. Secure your protein, buy fresh vegetables based on what is in season as those will be your bargains.

Monday - Egg Muffins - Easy, fast, delicious and super kind to your budget. Yep, Egg Muffins for dinner is SMART. Make them nice and cheesy with vegetables and pair with a tomato cucumber salad.

Tuesday - Ground Turkey Mini Tacos - I could eat these 3 times a week, they are so delicious and this mini version is fun too! Sautè ground turkey with a packet of taco seasoning and 1/2 cup of salsa and serve in a lettuce boat with avocado. Yum. These are in little red Italian lettuce boats that I found on sale at The Fresh Market and they were awesome but you can use any lettuce boat.

Wednesday - World's Best Meatloaf - Mmmmm, Meatloaf Night! This is not only a delicious meal but a cheapo one. I don't use bread as I have discovered that one does not need 'a binder'. It took me years to figure it out and I think you'll like this one. Super Moist!

Thursday - Western Scrambled Eggs - Not just plain ole eggs, this version has more yummy chopped ham and vegetables than egg. Delicious and great for your family. I make scrambled egg or an omelet with vegetables lots of times when I am short on time or dough. No recipe... just use what you happen to have. I keep a vacuum sealed packet of ham in the fridge for this one. NO RECIPE... wing it.

Friday - Shrimp Sizzler - Shrimp on a budget? In the freezer section, I can buy shrimp skewers for $1 each or a pound of small peeled shrimp are on sale most weeks for under $7. Broil for a few minutes and serve with greens and sauce with Hidden Valley Ranch powder blended with plain yogurt.

Saturday - Meatballs and Salad - I make great meatballs and that $2.99 a pound ground chuck tastes awfully good when turned into meatballs and sauced with a jar of sauce I stock up when they are Buy One Get One Free.

Sunday - Chicken & Vegetables - Again, The Fresh Market to the rescue with .79 cent chicken legs. Throw them in a pan with a cut up tomato and roast for 30 minutes in a 375 degree oven after sprinkling with the rest of Tuesday's Taco Seasoning packet or drizzle with bottled Italian dressing. Put the hot chicken on top of a small pile of baby spinach - spoon on some pan juices and roasted tomato.

October 04, 2019
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