What does everybody mix with their Inspire protein powder?

As for liquid of choice. It is completely up to your preference and what your intentions are for weight loss. Its smart to be Mindful of Calories but you have to LIKE the taste too.

Milk. The first time you blend an Inspire drink, use fat free or skim milk to get the best flavor! Then you can try or experiment with other liquids. Some people do not like the unique flavors of almond milk or cashew milk or soy milk and they think this nutty flavor is the Inspire. We suggest using 4 ounces of 1 or 2% milk, add your protein, blend with a spoon, add more liquid to your taste, then if desired add ice. Mmmmm... yummo!

Water. Inspire protein powders are actually formulated for water. They all taste good with water and are of course lowest in calories with water. Fill glass with 4 ounces water, add a scoop of Inspire and stir with a spoon like you were making chocolate milk with Nestles Quik! Add a little more water to your taste and desired thickness. If too thin, add a shot of milk.

Almond Milk - Cashew Milk - Coconut Milk. Make sure you use Unsweetened! Next lowest in calories at about 30 calories per cup, nut milks add creaminess and a nice nutty toasty flavor. Use UNSWEETENED Almond Milk, use unsweetened almond milk, use unsweetened almond milk, unless of course your intention is to NOT lose weight. I prefer Almond Breeze brand of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk for some of my Inspire flavors while others I like better with Coconut Almond Milk or dairy milk - try them with different liquids to find your favorite! Use 4 ounces in glass, add your protein, blend with spoon, add more liquid to taste.

REMEMBER... use MORE liquid for lighter flavor or a less sweet drink but use LESS liquid for more flavor or a slightly sweeter thicker drink! You don't need a blender or pulverizer and you don't need to add fruit and ice - you can blend it in a glass or you can use a shaker but go easy or you will create lots of foam.

Inspire is texture of chocolate milk so it is bariatric-easy to drink.

We know because we drink it too!

We developed it for picky bariatric palates plus it has the right nutrition profile.

It's jet fuel for burning fat. There's nothing else like it.

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