What's wrong with Toast?

Frequently we have people who joined our groups asking for help to lose weight or their regain who fight with us to hang on to toast in their diets (or Tortillas, or Crackers, or Noodles or a bowl of Oatmeal) and get upset with us when we tell them NO.

It is not our nature to ignore posts about bread, carbs, and mayonnaise when they have in fact come here asking for our help.

Sadly, the world is full of dietitians and nutritionists who do not make good recommendations for those who have had bariatric surgery so we don't take comments and arguments like that kindly. What we do have is experience gleaned from years of dealing with tens of thousands of members and customers who live with this surgery every day just like we do.

Our Facebook groups are not an ordinary Support Group with free for all flow of good and bad ideas. We heavily edit, meaning we delete member comments WHEN THEY DO NOT ALIGN WITH OUR PROVEN PLANS.

We have a Plan that we follow and that plan doesn't include bread - it's really a low carb take no prisoners and even has a Back on Track component to put a smile back on a gainers face!

We have all tried the bread substitutes and the leathery low carb tortillas (some of us lived through the 2008 to 2010 Livin La Vida Lo-Carb years) and all it got us was a 30 to 100 pound regain. Just try it OUR WAY... and if its not a good fit for some, I would like to think we can all be Cool and still be Friends when you look for another group.

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