This will help you to STOP overthinking food. At your next glorious bbq, all you need are chicken legs, some fresh corn, and this salad. Boom.

There is no recipe. Cut up some beautiful red and or yellow tomatoes into a glass bowl. Cut in half and thinly slice a little red onion. Tear off a few fresh basil leaves.

Sprinkle with salt... grind on lots of black pepper... add olive oil, in a big swirl... add balsamic or red wine vinegar... TOSS with big spoons and in 15 seconds the juices will begin to mix with the oil and vinegar and yum.

Everyone loves to eat this and no one... I repeat NO ONE, will miss the crappy store bought potato, macaroni salad or cole slaw. THIS is what nutritionists mean when they say you 'can add some carbs to your diet'. Win Win Win for everyone at the table.

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