I have been using Sriracha for years after buying it in an Asian grocery store in San Francisco. Its not just hot, its flavorful. This creamy sauce is a fast way to add excitement to a grilled protein. The yogurt tones down the heat and allows the flavor to develop on your tongue. My two fave ways to serve my yogurt mayo lime sauce is on Shrimp and Salmon. I make deviled eggs with Sriracha mayo sauce too!


  • Fage Greek yogurt
  • Sriracha, chili garlic sauce
  • Hellmanns Light Mayo
  • Fresh lime


  • Start with a glop of Greek yogurt, add a glop of mayonnaise about half the size of the yogurt glop.
  • Squeeze half the lime into the bowl, then add a big squeeze of Sriracha slightly smaller than the mayonnaise glop.
  • Mix it all up and taste it. You may need the other half of lime, you may need more Sriracha, but that is up to you.

Season fish, chicken, shrimp with lime juice, salt and pepper, and cook it on a smoking hot grill pan, skillet or outdoor grill until cooked yet juicy, move to a plate and then hit it with a dollop of your lovely Sriracha Sauce.

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